[Question #3891] HIV RISK from protected sex

32 months ago
Dear Doctor,

I had two incidents and would like to know the risks involved with them.

1) on two separate occasions I had mutual masterbuation in front of each other  with CSW in a redlight with no intercourse, oral or genitals touchings.

2) I got to know a morrocan girl (19 years old) and we had so many kisses with closed lips not French kissing. We also had sex where I used condom and was for about 5 minutes and did not ejculate neither she did. At that moment I was not aware that she was sex worker for a short period of time ( several months) which she told me later. During the protected sex I made sure to check the condom every while to ensure it is covering the whole penis. She also on a separate occasion she did a hand job for me and I did fingering for her. We never did oral.

In light of the above, would like to know my risks specifically for HIV and other stds. And weather I should get tested and how anxious should I be?

Many thanks

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
32 months ago
Welcome to the Forum.  I'll be glad to comment. the exposures you describe are low risk for all STIs, including HIV.  Please remember several general facts about STI acquisition and transmission:
1.  Most people, even most commercial sex workers do not have STIs.
2.  Even for totally unprotected exposures, most exposures to infected partners do not lead to infection. 
3.  Condoms remain the most effective means of preventing STIs when exposures to infected partners as long as a person uses the condom throughout the event and as long as the condom does not break (which happens about 1% of the time)
3.  Certain activities have lower risk than others for acquiring STIs, including HIV.  Transmission of STIs through kissing and mutual masturbation is virtually unheard of and the risk of infection associated with unprotected oral sex (giving or receiving is very, very low.

Thus, in answer to your specific questions:
1.  Situation 1- mutual masturbation.   This is a no risk event.  No reason for concern, no reason for testing of any sort.
2.  Situation 2.  There is no risk at al from closed mouth kissing, from masturbation(either your "fingering her" or her masturbating you) and there is no meaningful risk associated with condom-protected genital sex.  I would not be worried about this exposure and do not see a need for testing related to this event. 

Thus my advice to you is that there is no medical reason for concern or for testing.  I hope that this information is helpful to you.  EWH