[Question #102] Anal Fistula - HIV Transmission Through Massage

97 months ago

Dear Dr. Edward W Hook

Please your assesment for my situation:

0n June 12, 2015 I had massage from unknown HIV status woman and get a

masturbation in 1 minute and and the rest myself masturbate until

ejaculation. During the massage I was wearing underwear, masseuse complete

wear, when I masturbate myself, I asked the woman naked ( it is like

masturbating while watching porn), only this situation no intercourse

sexual. About masturbation, I have read some your post in Medhelp that

masturbation is safely sex, which makes me uneasy is that I have anal

fistula, can HIv transmit through rubbing of masseuse's hand on my anal

fistula during massage?, am I HIV Risk?, Need hiv test for this


I hope deeply you can answer my question, currently anxiety really really

kill me, I am sorry my english is bad and i hope you understand my

situation. thanks a lot.

best regards


H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
97 months ago
Welcome to Ask the Expert. I'm happy to help. Your English is fine -- I understand your question. Dr. Hook and I take questions interchangably, without regard for requests for one of us or the other. Our views and advice never are different from one another.

There is absolutely no risk of HIV or other STDs from these events, regardless of your anal fistula. It is unlikely your fistula is significantly more susceptible to HIV than any open wound -- and HIV has never been known to be acquired through wounds. Injuries with contaminated sharp instruments (scalpels, needles, etc) can transmit the virus, but that's a different situation. While one can imagine that in theory exposure of a wound could be a risk, it has never been known to happen. Further, the amount of virus that your partner could carry on her hand is not enough to transmit. That's why fingering or other forms of hand-genital contact do not transmit the virus.

In other words, these exposures were 100% safe. You are not at risk and do not need testing for HIV or other STDs. If you have a regular partner, you can continue your usual sexual practices wtihout risk of transmitting any infection.

I hope ths has helped. Best wishes--  HHH, MD

96 months ago
Dear Dr. HHH,
Thank you for your help, it make me calm. Before your assessment, I am in anxiety, every day I am very concerned about the changes in my body (whether these are symptoms or not), but since your assessment that my situation is 100% safe, so no reason to associate the change in my body to HIV. How your assessment about this, Dr. HHH ?
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
96 months ago
You are truly not at risk. Nobody in the world ever caught HIV through underwear, regardless of an anal fistula. Do your best to stop worrying about it. The only "changes" in your body that would indicate possible HIV infection are fever, rash, sore throat, and enlarged lymph nodes, typically in the neck, under the arms, etc. If you would like to further describe what you are feeling, I could comment further about them. But my guess is that you are experiencing anxiety, not symptoms of HIV or any other infection.---
96 months ago
Dear Dr HHH

Thank you for all your assessment i am sorry if make you bore to repeat my event but it is only to support increasing my calm. the actual my event:
1. No Intercourse Sexsual
2. Receive masturbation about 1 minute, the rest masturbate myself until ejaculation.
3. During massage the masseuse wear a complete dress and i wear a panties/underwear
4. During i masturbate myself the masseuse is naked, no contact masseuse vaginal with me or there is a gap between me and masseuse
5. I have an anal fistula, during massage perhaps masseuse rubbed my anal fistula

Only this actual event, no other event

The first your answer that makes me calm at the end of a sentence answer:

''In other words, these exposures were 100% safe. You are not at risk and do not need testing for HIV or other STDs. If you have a regular partner, you can continue your usual sexual practices without risk of transmitting any infection''.

Your assessment meant: 
Leave any uneasiness about HIV and other STDs, and safe to have sex with my wife. Is it right Dr HHH ?.

Once again, Thanks for all your help, and I am sorry if you bored/annoyed with my repeat questions

Best regards
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
96 months ago
All correct -- you understand my assessment and advice. Thanks for the thanks; I'm glad to have helped. Best wishes and say safe.---