[Question #1051] Herpes simplex 2

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94 months ago
Hello Terri,
My doctor did a blood test and found simplex 2 as positive, which would be consistent with my past symptoms.  You indicated studies show  a 50% reduction by taking Valtrex. 

My doctor said it would be near zero with just Valtrex use as he prescribed.  I said less than 5%, he said YES.  He said it would be "extremely rare" to pass on the virus and this is without the condom use.  Just taking Valtrex 2x per day at 500mg suppresses the virus with that level of success.

If the condom is used properly and does not break,  it would be zero chance,  according to my doctor.    Do you agree that  Valtrex will be bringing the odds of passing it on as low as my doctor is saying to me?  I am not looking for any guarantees, just accurate information to provide my new potential partner. 

My doctor said his assertions are based upon his training, education and the literature.
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Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
94 months ago
I answered this elsewhere but I'll answer it again.  Valtrex reduces transmission by 48%.  A new condom study shows that condoms used absolutely consistently by men reduces the risk of transmission to a female partner by 96%.  So you can do the math.  It isn't zero, but it's pretty damn low!  I do not think it is good enough to avoid disclosing the information that you have HSV 2 to a potential partner before having sex (not that you were planning that but just saying.....)