[Question #1063] Follow up to question no: 1018

87 months ago
Hello doctor, today is the 20th day after exposure and since the 12th day of exposure I have been having sore throat and cold.
since 3 days the cold has been severe with a lot of phlegm in throat as well as in the nose. The phlegm is kind of light green  and a little darker sometimes.
my nose is blocked and congested.
Today my head feels heavy,mild headache and feverish.
This is the second unprotected exposure in my life time.i was tested negative after the first exposure.m getting very very scared if I have contracted hiv.m getting very tensed to even go to the doctor.
m married and worried a lot.
m not able to share this with anyone.m just worried a lot and stressed.
what do you feel about my symptoms?the exposure was very very brief not more than 10seconds.
do these symptoms suggest any other STI?
In your service of so many years have you ever come across someone infected from such a brief exposure and from a single exposure?doctor please help me.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
87 months ago

Repeating your questions will not change the answers.  Your exposure was a low but not no risk exposure.  Asking questions about "have you ever" is not helpful.  Indeed, people have been infected with HIV following a single, brief exposure.  On the other hand, following a single exposure, your risk for infection is very low.  Further, the symptoms you describe are far, far more suggestive of a respiratory tract infection such as a summer cold than any STI, including HIV. 

Your symptoms are not suggestive of any other STI either.  You need to relax. get tested when appropriate and move on.  Further, you should realize that your anxious reaction to such exposures suggests that you should not continue them in the future.  You worry too much.  EWH

87 months ago
Hello doctor,thank you so much for the prompt reply.i have been on antibiotics for about 5 days now for severe cold.
M now free from cold but my wife has got it from me.
I had severe cold,cough,runny nose  and sore throat for about 8 days or so.
m just worried a lot about hiv.
Are any of these symptoms of hiv?
M worried if I passed on something to my wife as we had intercourse a day after the exposure?
Edward W. Hook M.D.
87 months ago
Please reread my original reply.  It is typical and very easy for persons with colds and other viral respiratory illnesses to give them to love ones such as their wives.  Cough and runny nose are not typical symptoms of recently acquired HIV.  The situation you describe does not suggest that you acquired HIV yourself or transmitted it to your wife.  EWH---