[Question #1065] Ridk of STD transmission through clothes from lap dance.

85 months ago

Dear Doctors,

Thank you very much for everything you do. You truly help so many people. I have read posts here and in your forum in medhelp on similar cases and your response has been much similar: no risk, stds can not pass through clothing and there has never been a reported case of  getting an std from this kind of exposure. Meanwhile at some other places I read that “not often but happens sometimes” which to my anxious mind appears as a real risk. Does it really happen sometimes? As some  posts were years of old I hope that your experience or new scientific data has not come up with anything that proves that one can get std through clothing, has it?

I kindly ask you to comment on my situation which probably is not a unique one for you. 10 days ago I went to a strip club and received a lap dance. It took about 20 minutes during which the stripper was completely nude and I had my cloths on all the time(underwear and jeans pants). She was actively rubbing her vagina against my penis sitting on my lap facing me as well as backwards. I was aroused and at the end of dance ejaculated in my pants. There was no obvious wetness in my jeans from her after the dance but still, there could be some not too noticeable moisture from her vagina, from grinding on me. From yesterday I have mild scratchy throat which just scares me. I know this can be anything especially from this much worry, but in your opinion can it indicate early sign of HIV, or any other std?

1. Did I put myself at any risk for any STD? 2. Could some moisture from her secretions transfer through my jeans and underwear and transmit anything to me? 3. Does ejaculation in this case make risk higher or does it make any difference at all? 4. Do I need any kind of any testing for this incident? 5. Is there anything to worry about from this occasion in terms of health?

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
85 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question, and your kind comments about our services.

You say nothing about the "other places" where you read that STD transmission through clothing is "not often but happens sometimes". I cannot imagine such a statement from a scientifically reliable source, and I would challenge whoever wrote it. Certainly in my 4 decades in the STD business I have never seen nor heard of such a case. There has been no research on this, but I just can't imagine that it hapens. In any case, in the event you describe, with no discernable moisture that penetrated your clothing, obviously there was no risk.

Those comments pretty well answer your spefific questions, but to be explicit so there is no misunderstanding:

1) No, you did not put yourself at risk.

2) No.

3) Whether or not a man ejaculates makes no difference in his risk for infection. Even with vaginal sex, it probably influences only the woman's chance of becoming infected, if the male has an STD; but has no bearing on the male's risk of infection from his partner.

4) No testing is necessary and I would not recommend it.

5) No worries about STDs from this event. Get concerned if and when you have real sex. This sort of event doesn't count.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Best wishes and stay safe--  HHH, MD

85 months ago
Mr. Handsfield, thank you for your response, I appreciate it.  Just a couple of things that bothers me.  Could you also comment on my sore throat? I know symptoms are not reliable but the timing of it  scares me- 11th day and have this sore throat for 2 days Can this sore throat alone be a sign of ARS?
And what regards to the moisture, I did  not see any obvious wetness but I could have missed some in terms of my jeans being dark colour and not really examining it thoroughly. If some fluid did pass unnoticeably for me would there be risk for transmission?
Thank you, rour reassurance helps a lot.
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
85 months ago
Sore throats are an everyday symptom, and the vast majority have the obvious non-serious causes, like a cold, allergy, etc. I don't care about the timing;  people can get colds or allergy at any time, and a coincidence of that with your exposure is FAR more likely than the possibility of HIV or other infection. (In fact, almost no STDs cause sore throat anyway -- and HIV never does that as the only symptom.)

No fluid passing through clothing is likely to transmit an infection. The bacteria would be filtered out. This is a nonsense thing to be worried about.

Please don't ask for clarification of questions that have obvious answers from my replies above! This was no risk. Suck it up, believe it, and move on with your life.