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93 months ago
Hi Terri, I am John, by now I believe all experts here would recognize me and my anxiety issues (ref. to questions 1019 and 983).

I will post this question under Herpes, but I appreciate if there is any comment by other experts here too.

So I was terrified by the possibility of herpes. there were two bumps/lesions there showing up about the end second week and grew bigger for the last month.

I got a verity of different diagnosis fortunatly but every one agreed that it does not look like herpes. Dr.Hook refered me to a Dermetologist and I did go.

I as well did a hsv test on day 40. But the new test was a different one as I am in another country.

The case for pimples that can be squeezed
-- I try to squeeze it, but they did not have that exit hole. and could not be squeezed. Kinda made me more scared

The case for HPV:
-- although hpv's incubation period is about 6 months, but my derm thought it could be either HPV from other exposures or oil glands and remote possiblity of herpes (5% max).

-- My Derm suggested to do a liquid nitrogen thing to take them if they are hpv and if not probably a sore could cause those glands to get out and get done with it. 
I dont know how brilliant his idea is but I accepted. the liquid nitrogen could not freeze them. so we said that it is not hpv.

The case for herpes:
-- I did a test for type specific hsv at day 9, came back hsv1 positive and hsv2 negative with no indices reported. (I had hsv 1 from childhood)
-- the next test was done differently in another country at day 40th and came back as:  hsv (1&2) -- IgG 0.8 -- IgM 0.1.

Now I know this is still soon for this to hold true and I will do the test at 3 months, but given that I was already hsv1 positive does this mean that it is false negative ?
or borderline and showing that there is not other hsv infection.


Now I am left with what that can probably open up to a sore because of the liquid nitrogen and an Antibiotic creme. Are those points rightly reasoned and given my itchy feelings and those lesions can rule herpes out ?

Can I rule out viral infections altogether ?

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93 months ago
Also, my doctor rubbed the dry swab on the lesions (that were dry too) and i am waiting for that result as well. Does that dry application of swab test count ?

Thanks a lot
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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
93 months ago
Welcome back. Terri invited me to respond this time. She has had the opportunity to see posted photos, and her email to me says "They are clearly plugged ducts on the penile skin, absolutely nothing more." Further, although I haven't taken time to read every word of your several previous threads, I scanned them. You were not at risk for herpes or other STDs and do not have any STD.

Another perspective that may be helpful:  On the bookshelf next to the desk where I'm typing this is a book titled Genital Dermatology Atlas. As the time implies, it's mostly photos and brief descriptions. Of its 300 pages, exactly 15 are devoted to STDs. In other words, the large majority of genital skin problems are not herpes, warts, or other STD.

All humans experience various symptoms that don't mean disease:  headaches, the sprained ankle that still aches long after it has healed, a minor bump or irritation of the elbow, unexplained diarrhea, a persistent lump in an aread that could mean an enlarged lymph node, and on and on. Mostly we live with such things without worry once we are confident they aren't serious and don't indicate an important health problem. For many people, their genitals have a special place in their psyches, and genital symptoms cause heightened worry. But not all symptoms mean disease. You clearly have nothing important, nothing that will ever harm you or a sex partner.

Given the repeated, reasoned, science based reassurance you have had, both on this forum and from your own physicians, it is time to do two things:  First, separate your anxieties from one or more regretted sexual exposures from the medical consequences of them. Deal with the former as you need to, but you can ignore the latter. Second, just go on with your life and your penile symptoms and stop seeking further medical advice or treatment for them. Sounds to me like it's just the way your penis is, probably not abnormal, and certainly not one that will ever cause harm to you or your sex partner(s).

Repeated anxiety driven questions are against forum policy, and this is your 4th or 5th. It will have to be the last one. Any further threads with these same questions will be deleted without reply (and without refund of the posting fee).

I hope this helps you to finally move on. Best wishes and stay safe.
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93 months ago
Thank you very much Dr. Handsfield for your thoughtful response. 

I appreciated a lot yours, Ms.Warren and Dr.Hook helping me during this time. Therefore I have  a lot of respect for your decision.

I hope this happens to no one but having corresponding symptoms is quite hard to deal with. I hope I had that book.

I really do not think my question was anxious or coming from anxiety, indeed i am happy to find some form of solution to all this, and i tried to term it quite reasonable for simple short useful answers. But as i said I respect your decision.

Thanks a lot again and again

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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
93 months ago
Thanks for the thanks. I'm glad to have helped.