[Question #1085] Any chance infected with Genital HSV-1?

81 months ago

In March- My Ex gave me a 15 mins oral sex -he may be a HSV-1 oral carrier(Not sure his status and he has no obvious mouth sores). We done lots of french deep kissing in the  Then in the next day (12 hours later); I felt significant Jock Itch plus redness in the Jock (I am a girl anyway) and within a few days, I feel HARD pain (not skin pain) in the entire Vulvar Area including the public hair area. It was a dull and strong muscle pain, consistent and strong. Then within 2 weeks since the exposure, I started intense/extreme itching on the entire Vulvar Area, some redness on my entire Vulvar  (whole private area) that lasted for 7 weeks on and off. Didn't spot any itch in the specific vaginal openings at that timing. Didn’t notice blisters/sores at that time ( I didnt check). But no burning feelings when showering, urinating, or non-urinating; thats all I could remember. But the significant itching did lasted for 7 weeks on and off. Went to a GP within the 1 week of exposure and had her checking on me; she concluded "no blisters and sores but redness/irritation". Then she gave me a steroid cream  to apply on the outer public area; I misapplied in the vagina, that feeling burn like a hell. Once stop mis-applying, burning feeling gone within 6 hours. In second week after exposure I went to a STD expert, she just ordered some HSV2 blood tests for without inspection of my vagina/vulvar--what a big mistakes!!! But she knows- I didn't have any burning/pain feelings when I urinating (I watched myself close on urine at that time); "urine feelings" was seems all thats she cared for that time being. I showered everyday as usual, Never any blisters/sores my hands could ever feel...I didn't check on it as I have no ideas what was GHSV-1 at that time being. But one thing I can ensure is- NEVER ANY BURNING FEELINGS, only very dull ache and solid pain and itchiness on the entire vulvar area (That itching does lasted for 7 weeks). Cant remember how long the pain lasted for unfortunately; Urine test came back with Ureaplasma infection. HSV-2 Neg as well as all others STDs you can name, negatives. Didn't test for HSV-1. 

Done a pap smear in April and in July result came back with " No HSV infection". 

I had a colposcopy in May.

12th day after the colposcopy- Symptoms comes back again, this time- I was added with flu symptoms (didn’t have it at March) ; intense redness and inflammation in the entire vaginal openings; urethera opening and Libra minor, went to seen 6 GYNs, concluded that no sores and blisters could be found. Tested negative for HSV-2. The symptoms started exactly for three weeks time. Whole time burning feelings from deep vagina, hole from the ears, swelling vaginal tissues, redness and inflammation.

I had a surgery for ovarian cyst and endometrial biopsy in June

Then In July: The same lasted for 6 weeks; Less Strong burning from Vagina this time but still last very very long,and in 3th week the itch/pain goes to even clitoris! I had difficult to urine and urge to urine; but they again concludes I have ureaplasma by urine tests; went on 3 weeks antibiotics, but once antibiotics done and Ureaplasma gone; vaginal burning never happen this strong again.

I have been to over 20 GYNs and STDs specialists for the redness and irritations on my vaginal openings, urethera opening and Libra minor, everytime it lasts for more than three weeks. Since they never seen a sore/blisters but only redness so they rules out herpes infections. I tested clean for hsv-2 but never test for hsv-1 since there is not much clinical values without a sore/blisters as they can not tell if I have oral infection or genital solely based on the blood test.

What been troubled me the most is the below: 

(1)Dated back in March- could I be ever be infected with Genital HSV-1? MD says she cannot diagnosis since I have no herpes symptoms, how should I disclose to future sex partner?

(2)The persistent Vaginal Burning everyday lasted for 5 weeks- was there anything to do with Ureaplasma infection, or the surgery, or, the possible G-HSV-1 infection? What is the likelihood of getting G-HSV1 in this case? Yes, one time oral sex only on 4 March, thats what I got. 

81 months ago
I was meaning We done lots of french deep kissing in the last two years before he ever had chance to give me first oral sex in the first time this March. 
81 months ago
PS: We didnt have vaginal Sex but only oral sex on the night of March and no any kind of sex after that night because we already broken up. So March night was the only oral sex exposure. I was receiving an oral sex from him at that night. Thats it.
81 months ago
I started looked for more experts on May but when in March I only seen two MD for two times because the symptoms are not serve but only significant itching lasted for weeks and dull ache pain in the whole vulvar area (including public hair area) in March. Cant remember how long does the pain lasts for.
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
81 months ago
Without lesions to evaluate and no HSV 1 antibody test results, I can't help you know for sure if you have HSV 1 infection or not.  However, with these very long runs of symptoms, lasting weeks, HSV 1 infection is an extremely unlikely cause of your problems.  HSV 1 genitally normally recurs infrequently and something that goes on for weeks and weeks does not fit at all with a herpes infection.  So I can't tell you whether or not you have genital HSV 1, but I can tell you that the symptoms that you are currently experiencing have nothing to do with how HSV 1 genitally presents.  Also, a single episode of receiving oral sex is statistically unlikely to result in HSV 1 genital infection.

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