[Question #1109] Extremely worried ? Risk Assessment and Advice on Testing needed.

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93 months ago

Dear Expert,

I had an exposure on 20th July in Brussels at a Massage Parlor.

Both the lady and Me were naked and she gave me a body to body massage.

 The lady gave me a hand job where the glan of my penis repeatedly pressed against her palm for a minute till I ejaculated. During the hand job, her fingers were on the outer foreskin (I am 90% sure about this). My only concern is that she had played with her virgina with her fingers 3-5 min before the hand job.  I am afraid that some of her virginal fluid might have been on her fingers and palm when she gave the hand job. 

Secondly, I remember brushing my index and middle finger against her Virginia  before stopping. I checked afterwards and found no cuts or broken skin on my fingers. I washed my hand with ordinary soap while showering.

In the shower afterwards, she applied soap on my body and gave a good scrubbing. While in the shower she tried to arouse me by pressing on the penis but I told her to stop after a few times.

There was no oral, virginal or anal sex. I did not allow her virgina to touch my penis directly at any time.  

My questions are

1)      What is the risk of getting HIV because of the exposure mentioned above?

2)      Also, on day 23 from the exposure, I had a cold and sore throat which went away in 4 days using common flu medicine. Everyone in the family came down with the cold at the same time. Most symptoms went away in 2 days with flu medication but sinus pressure continued for nearly 9 days. Is the cold like symptoms ARS?

3)      I want to get tested for peace of mind, should I do it after 4 weeks or 6 weeks?

4)      Will the flu medication interfere with the HIV Test?

5)      Have you seen cases where people had similar experience and tested HIV negative?

6)      Should I tell my Wife?. Also, I am terrified to go for the test alone. What would your advice be?

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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
93 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question.

They call certain diseases "sexually transmitted" for good reason, and you didn't have sex. For STD transmission, the genitals need to be in direct contact, usually with penetration; or oral sex. Hand-genital contact is no risk, i.e. no transmission risk from her masturbating you or from you fingering her. Without vaginal, anal, or oral sex, you were not at risk.

Those comments pretty well answer your specific questions, but to be certain there is no misunderstanding:

1) There was absolutely no risk of catching HIV from these events.

2) No, ARS does not cause typical cold symptoms -- i.e. no "sinus pressure", runny nose, etc. You caught the same cold as your family members.

3) You don't need HIV testing on account of this event. But if you do it for reassurance, you can get conclusive results at 4 weeks if you have a 4th generation test (also called "combo" or "duo" test); or at 6-8 weeks with a regular antibody test.

4) No medicines of any kind interfere with the HIV tests.

5) I have been doing public forums for 12 years (started 2004), with thousands of questions like yours. Not a single person actually caught HIV. Not one -- and you will not be the first.

6) From a medical or risk standpoint, there is no need to tell your wife about this event. She is not at risk. However, some people in your situation will feel better by discussing the situation with their wives or partners. I cannot say what is best for you; every couple is different. But if your wife is as loving and caring as you seem to be, and if your relationship is basically strong, perhaps you would find her support comforting. As for testing, if this is your only potential exposure, there is simply no chance it will be positive. Perhaps your wife will accompany you for comfort. But even if not, it really won't be a big deal. Just do it.

I hope this has helped. Let me know if anything isn't clear. Best wishes--


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93 months ago
Hello Doctor,
                                     I went and took a Chemiluminescence HIV test at a  testing center in India,

I took the test 35 days after the event I described earlier

I got the following results.

Investigation                                                                                  Observed Value                                                    Unit Biological Reference Interval 
HIV (Chemiluminescence- Ag/Ab Combo)                          0.08                                                                               Non reactive <1.00
  (Serum)                                                                                                                                                                                             Reactive >=1.00

My question is 
1) Is this negative result conclusive?
2) I am continuing to experience chills, sweating, sore throat and recently a rash on the right side of my knee joint. I am still at risk?
3) Should I get tested at 3 months as well?
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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
93 months ago
1) Your test result is conclusive.

2) These sympotms are not typical for a new HIV infection, and your test proves something else is the cause. Everybody with HIV symptoms has a positive blood test.

3) There is no need for any additional testing. Don't waste your money!