[Question #1142] Why couldn’t I prevent PID?>

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91 months ago

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I met my first boyfriend in my country in 2011.


In 2013, I found out he had been using online-chat almost every night to find women who want sex. He said he was having vaginal and anal intercourses with dozen of women without condoms while he was still having vaginal intercourses with me every week without condoms for two years. (I also had one anal intercourse..)


In Sept 2013, I found out I was pregnant and had an abortion surgery at an official hospital without any test. Few hours after the surgery, stinging pain in LLQ began. The doctor said he didn’t know. Little abdominal pain, and severe pain in LLQ and RLQ persisted.


One day, I had lots of bleeding. The doctor said the surgery went fine and he didn’t know why. As time went by, I felt severe bloating and lower back pain.


I visited other hospital, and a doctor told me my pains were because of a cyst. (He told me later he didn’t diagnose me with PID because people with PID cannot endure insertion of ultrasound.) I was using a hot pad everyday since the surgery, and bloating went really severe.


One night, bloating and pain got incredibly severe, and something hot was felt inside of me. It suddenly started to spread from left & right quadrants to left & right pelvic bone areas, outer thighs, and upper abdomen. Next morning, bloating and pain in LLQ & RLQ was not severe like before. I felt rotten waters inside of me and nausea.


I went to other hospital (Oct 18), and it was when one month had passed since LLQ pain began. I had an ultrasound, and no tubo-ovarian abscess found. I had tenderness. He asked me where I had the surgery, and I told him at some official hospital. He diagnosed me with early stage of acute PID, and I asked what it was. While doing ultrasound, he told me I was infected because of the doctor who did the surgery and dirty environment of the hospital. Then he ordered PCR tests for Chlamydia, Gardnella, Mycoplasma, and Ureaplasma.


Q)   I was prescribed Cefradine and Loxoprofen sodium (three times a day for three days) after the surgery. I also had two vaginal dressings at the hospital after the surgery. Why couldn’t the oral pills prevent me from developing PID?



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Edward W. Hook M.D.
91 months ago
Please see reply to question 1143.  EWH