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70 months ago
Hi Doc. This is a follow up for #381 and #58
Maybe it's all about anxiety. The girl I met before was actually a frind I didnt met for years and she now confessed me she's working as an escort girl. I didn't meet her again since that time, more than 1 year ago and I was not involved in any risky activity. I was tested at 28d and 5 months later both negatives for hiv. But I had two strange symptoms that I would like to ask you your opinion. 1) I got a large lymph node on the left side of my jaw some days after being vaccinated for H1N1 trivalent vaccine from glaxo. Do you think it can be hiv related ?  2) started to develop seborreic dermatitis sometimes with pimps on my scalp. Is there any chance for the tests I did couldn't detect an hiv infecction or something like ? 3) do I need more tests or it's just anxiety ?

Sorry to be back again with this, but I need peace. Thanks for your help.
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
70 months ago
Sorry to see you back on the forum. I reviewed your previous discussions with Dr. Hook.

This question should be unnecessary. As Dr. Hook told you repeatedly, your exposure that could not have transmitted HIV even if your partner was infected. He also told you that HIV test results always are conclusive if done sufficiently long after the exposure. In other words, your test results overrule both exposure history and symptoms. Even if your partner was infected, even if you had a real risk (such as unprotected intercourse), and even if you had typical symptoms of HIV (you do not), your negative tests prove you are not infected.

1) A single lymph node enlargement is never due to HIV. 2) Seborrheic dermatitis is sometimes a symptom of advanced HIV (i.e. overt AIDS), but never is the only or main symptom of HIV/AIDS. 3) It's all anxiety and you should not have any more HIV tests. They would be a waste of money.

You cannot go through life attributing every health question to this event. All this shows you are abnormally obsessed with a sexual decision you regret. It is not normal to be so concerned after the repeated, science-bases reassurance you have had. If these concerns continue, professional counseling should be considered. I suggest it from compassion, not criticism.

I hope this settles things for you once and for all. Good luck and stay safe--

70 months ago
I understand now, you're right. Time to forget about this and move on.
Thank you for the answers about what I asked and also about your last observation. You opened my eyes.

70 months ago
Could you please delete this thread ?
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
69 months ago
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