[Question #1161] follow up on #1027... HIV test results and scared

84 months ago

I would like to follow up on Question # as my CBC and CD4 reports are not looking great. I know that with initial infection, as viral values goes up, cd4 goes down drastically. I believe this is what's happening here.

Can you please educate me on this one ? Should I be worried ? 

CBC Report

WBC @ 2 month 9100, @ 3 month 8400, @ 4 month 7600 --->  gradual decline
Platelets @ 2 months 274000 ,@ 3 month 257000 @ 4 months 248000 --->  gradual decline

CD4/8 Report

CD4 absolute @ 2 month 1622 ,@ 4 month 851 --> almost 50% decrease
CD4% @ 2 month 44% ,@ 4 month 41%

CD8 absolute @ 2 month 1060 ,@ 4 month 623 --> almost 50% decrease
CD8% @ 2 month 30% ,@ 4 month 29%

CD3 absolute @ 2 month 2704, @ 4 month 1482 --> almost 50% decrease
CD3% @ 2 month 74% ,@ 4 month 72%

CD4/8 ratio @ 2 month 1.53 , @ 4 month 1.36

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
84 months ago
Sigh. The replies from Dr. Hook on your two previous threads made it clear that your test resutls are 100% conclusive, proving you do not have HIV.

CD4 counts are never recommended to evaluate HIV unless someone is known to be infected. You should not have had either those tests or the CBCs. Your results all are normal; variations of the counts within the normal range occur all the time and even vary quite widely over the course of a single day. (In caring for HIV infected persons, it's important to do CD4/8 counts at about the same time every time.) Variations like yours in the CBC values also are entirely normal. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of the results you report.

It seems clear you are irrationally obsessed with HIV despite the unequivocal scientific evidence you are not infected and the repeated, reasoned, science-based reassurance you have had, both on this forum and perhaps from your own doctor(s). Abnormal fears like this can be an early sign of serious mental health disability (for an excellent example of where it can lead, see "The Aviator", the film biography of Howard Hughes). Accordingly, I recommend you seek professional mental health care. I suggest it from compassion, not criticism.

Finally, repetative anxiety driven questions are not permitted on the fourm. This will have to be your last question on the forum; any more after this will be deleted without reply, and without refund of the posting fee. This policy is intended to protect users from themselves, i.e. to not keep spending money on questions whose answers are obvious and will not change.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD

84 months ago

Sorry doctor for seeking some help persistently.

I just got my CMV report and its positive.

Can you please help with this questionsM

1) does it mean i have hiv as well?

2) if i have acquired it,would the treatment be for lifetime?

3) could this delay seroconversion for hiv?

Please dr

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
84 months ago
1) Why in heaven's name were you tested for CMV? Almost everybody is positive; it's a ubiquitous virus that everybody catches, typically in childhood. Of course it doesn't mean you have HIV.

2) No treatmet is necessary.

3) No medical conditions delay HIV seroconversion, especially with the 4th generation tests.

If you have any other questions about this, re-read my replies above and Dr. Hook's. As I already said, there is NOTHING that you will dream up or worry about that would change the fact that you don't have HIV. Also pay need to my comment above about new quetions on this, which would be deleted without reply and without refund.