[Question #1180] Clarification Questions

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89 months ago
Drs Hook & Handsfield,

Thanks again so much for all the advice over the last few days, I feel considerably calmer about my whole situation now! I have a spare question I bought several days ago, and just wanted to clarify a couple of things:

1. In his original advice (Q#1104) Dr. Hook stated the risk of HBV/HCV/HIV infection for my family, by my Asian-born ex gfs living in our house each for 1-2 months (through regular sharing of razors/toothbrushes/towels/wash sponges etc) was comfortably <1% - on the assumption that they were infected, and sharing the above personal items). This was <1% for overall exposure, ie per each gf's 1-2 month stay (assuming they were infected).

Just to check - myself, my family and my ex-gfs all just tend to rinse off razors & toothbrushes with water after use, we don't wash with soap. Does this impact any of the previous advice I have had? And including if sometimes these were not fully rinsed off?

2. On thebody.com, a doctor from University of North Carolina recommends a poster to get tested for HIV after a single razor cut - http://www.thebody.com/Forums/AIDS/Safesex/Q241473.html

Is this just extremely, extremely conservative advice? Given the poster didn't know their friend had HIV, the Dr's response would imply the risk of HIV (and therefore HBV/HCV) is in fact very high. And just from a single cut?

Many thanks again
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89 months ago
And also sorry to be exhaustive, but:

3. Just to make sure this covers off all possible (non-sexual) household exposure, would the above <1% risk still hold if there was sharing of nail clippers and/or cotton ear buds?

4. With regards to STDs other than HIV/HBV/HCV/syphillis - am I correct to assume that the risk of any other STDs like chlamydia, gonorrhoea etc, would also be at most <1% overall? (ie <1% per ex-gf's stay, assuming they were infected with a given STD)

Thank you so much again Drs, once again greatly appreciate all your input
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Edward W. Hook M.D.
89 months ago

This repetitive questions which you justify by use of statements like "just wanted to clarify a couple of things" or  apologies for being "exhaustive" are clear indications that you are not succeeding in addressing your insecurities and that it is time for some tough love.  I strongly considered simply deleting this question which WILL happen if you post other, new questions but have opted to provide a single answer, after which this thread will be closed. 

Your overall risk for being infected with hepatitis or other STIs through the exposures of the sort you imagine and suggest is less than 1%.  Just as we are not in the business of interpreting the medical literature article by article for clients, we do not engage in debates with statements made on other web sites.  You have received our assessments as promised by this web site. 

I urge you to consider seeking professional counseling for your continuing unwarranted concerns about possible infection from previous girlfriends.  You are wasting your time and money with these repetitive questions and, I suspect, being impacted on your day-to-day life by these concerns,  If you choose to take this advice (not that you have taken earlier suggestions!), I suggest you print out the multiple earlier interactions to help the counselor see what he/she is dealing with. 

Further questions will be deleted without comment and without refund of your payment.  EWH