[Question #1192] Concerns

84 months ago
1)I work in aluminium  fabrication, where I need cut many aluminium  plates. Many times my hands got cut(small and large cuts) by aluminium  plates, so if there is some blood in aluminium  plates , and my hands got cut by it. Is it hiv risk?

2)if there is large amount of blood in aluminium  plates, and hands got cut by it.is it hiv risk?

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
84 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question.

Nobody ever catches HIV or other blood borne infections from these sorts of exposures. IF there were a "large amount" of wet blood left by an HIV infected person (enough so it would be very obvious), AND IF the bleeding person had HIV, AND IF that person had a high viral load and was not on treatment for HIV, AND IF you were to cut yourself in a way that a substantial amount of the blood on the aluminum sheet got into the wound, you MIGHT catch HIV -- but even then, probably would not. Obviously the odds of all these things happening are microscopic and it is never going to happen. To protect yourself from HIV your entire life, have only safe sex (or mutually monogamous sex with an uninfected person) and do not share drug injection equipment with anybody. Forget all other possible risks and move on with your life.

I hope this has helped. Best wishes--  HHH, MD

84 months ago
Sir, thanks
 is  your answer is same as before for following events

1) if accidentally, two people actively bleeding wounds got rubbed each other , is there hiv risk if one of them is hiv infected?

2)I was sleeping upside down position ( where my stomach and face are towards the floor during break time.while in this position my mouth touched floor and I am concerned that if there is some blood or semen  on the floor ,it would have definitely gone inside mouth?is it hiv risk?

3) this is a weird question,pls bare with me

I was sitting on  bed naked before sex in prostitute home , I was thinking if there is some blood or semen or vaginal fluids on bed and it can get into my body through my ass . Is it hiv risk?

I am.sorry to ask you such question,but these things pop in mind. So it want to clear this concerns.

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
84 months ago
These are what I call "yes but" or "what if" questions. Please get this straight:  HIV is spread by sex (which means intercourse or, maybe very rarely oral sex); and by sharing drug injection equipment with other persons. There are no other ways to catch it. Theoretically, exposure to blood in other ways could do it, but for practial purposes, this never happens. The virus is not transmitted by contact with blood, semen, vaginal fluid, or other body fluids in the environment. Those comments answer your questions, but so there is no possibility of misunderstanding:

1) IF two people with fresh wounds put those wounds directly together, and IF one of them happend to have HIV, and IF that person had a high viral load (e.g. not on treatment for HIV), the virus might be transmitted. But get serious. What are the odds???

2) HIV dies rapidly in the environment and when infected secretions or blood dry up. Further, oral exposure to the virus rarely results in transmission. (For example, infection by oral sex is extremely rare if it occurs at all.) For sure there is no risk from events like this.

3) The anus generally doesn't come into contact with surfaces when sitting. Even if it did, there would be no measurable risk.

Given your obvious irrational obsession with non-risky HIV transmission, I am sure other questions also are going to "pop in mind". Ignore them. If they have such obvious answers based on what I have already told you, I won't answer. So think carefully before asking anything else.