[Question #1205] Please advise - Follow up Question

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92 months ago

This is an extension to my question starting 370 and 785

I had a sex encounter with a sex worker 18 months back. I used a condom for the same and not sure if the condom broke during the act.

1) I have done 2 HIV ELISA test in well known hospital and 1 rapid test in India post 18 months after exposure and the result have come back negative for these tests.

One was an ELFA test  ( Bio Muerix ) , 1 was ECLIA ( Abott ) and 1 was HIV Rapid test. I am not sure whether they are 3rd or 4th generation but does it matter as all the three tests were 18 month after exposure ?

2) As I had mentioned in my previous posts, my tongue irritation in the tip continue ofr  ayear now. I could feel some little raised white bumps (10-15 0f them) in the tongue tip and have got into a habit of rubbbing the tongue against the top of mouth. there are tiny cracks around them which causes some discomfort Is this causing it not to heal ?  I also have a throat discomfort mostly in upper portion.Is it linked to HIV or no way ?

3) I did a CBC and ESR test yesterday ? The CBC was normal but ESR showed 40 which made me concerened. I have a lymph node near my right jaw which is palpable and half a cm in diameter ( movable) . I had a tooth pain near that node recently and a cold 2 weeks back which is almost gone now .Can you give some insight on the ESR of mine ( is it normal to have an ESR of 40 in such conditions and should I worry about it ?

4) Is the palpable lymph node cause for concern and can I link it to HIV ?

I had forgotten about HIV for last 3 months but getting worried again. Please advise the way forward. I can ignore all the above if HIV is not the issue

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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
92 months ago
You are once again asking the same questions in different words. The particular symptoms and lab work are a bit different (CBC etc versus chest xray, for example), but the replies in your three prior threads (one with me, two with Dr. Hook) made it clear that your test results prove you didn't catch HIV during your sex worker encounter; and that the negative test results prove your symptoms (or any symptoms you have now or any time in the future) cannot be due to HIV from that event. Dr. Hook also discussed the obvious mental health problems you are displaying -- unresolved obsession and guilt over a sexual decision you regret. So the answers are the same. You don't have HIV. 

Those comments answer your questions, but to be sure there is no misunderstanding:  1) Those tests are 100% reliable. 2) HIV doesn't cause symptoms like this; even if your HIV test was positive, you would have to look to other causes. But these symptoms don't sound serious. 3,4) HIV is not a possible cause of your lymph node inflammation; and HIV never causes only a single node to be affected. Whatever is causing it probably is also the reason for your elevated ESR.

To your last question about the "way forward": First, see a doctor about your lymph node and ESR -- or if already doing that, follow his or her advivce. Further, I strongly recommend professional counseling. You're going to continue to have these fears until and unless you get professional help. You cannot go through life attributing every day to day minor symptom of a cold, sprain, or stress to that sexual event and professional mental health care clearly is a logical step.

Finally, please note that repetative anxiety-driven questions are against forum policy. This will have to be your last one. Any more new questions from you about this exposure and symptoms will be deleted without reply, and without refund of the posting fee -- no matter what other symptoms or problems or concerns come into your head. This policy helps protected peolple from themselves. Your last 3 threads asked the same questions with the same obvious answers, so you've already spent $75 on the forum unnecessarily. We refuse to accept any more payments from you! In addition, repetative questions carry no educational value for other users, one of the main purposes of the forum. Thank you for your understanding.

Best wishes and good luck.