[Question #1216] genital wart transmission

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90 months ago
Here goes:
I do not wish to infect my wife with HPV. I have what appears to be an genital wart on the tip of my penis. Let's assume it is.  No biopsy but a sight diagnosis from dermatologist. Acquired almost three months ago from unprotected oral sex outside marriage. I know doctors have said extremely rare to contract HPV from oral, but that is what appears to have happened. Wife knows about potential problem down there to prepare her for possible infection and she doesn't seem concerned, but of course I would like to shield her as long as possible for contracting this. i am using Imiqumod creme for two weeks with little change. if not a wart, what could it be?
1) Dr. Hook already commented that this may not be a recent infection, as it developed relatively quickly after said event. If that is so, could this have been undetectable and dormant for 15 or so years and presenting itself now? Any way that it would be not transmissible to my wife in its dormant state? I am 60 years, and breakdown in immune system could contribute to it appearing now. i don't think she has it now, but don't know. She is going to a gyno visit in a few weeks. i am not sure if I should have sex with her before the gyno visit.
2) if we have protected sex now, is it still possible not to be transmitted if careful with skin to skin and using condoms? I haven't has sex with my wife since this incident but am in Catch 22, as I can't go forever and not have sex. If i don't have oral HPV can i still perform unprotected oral on her?
I look forward to your comments. Thanks. 

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90 months ago
I see a response posted one hour ago from my question posted two hours ago, but see no response. If there was a response, could you please repost?
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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
90 months ago
You need not have started two new threads. Although Terri answers most herpes questions, all three moderators are expert in all STDs and one question is always enough even with questions about more than one STD.

As discussed in your previous threads, you are seriously and inappropriately obsessed with HPV and herpes. As discussed in your previous threads, it is unlikely you have a penile wart; and if you do, it isn't related to the oral sex event 10 weeksa go. Oral sex almost never transmits warts, and most warts don't show up sooner than 3-6 months after exposure. Non-response to 2 weeks of imiquimod is additional strong evidence against a wart. What else? Any of many other cause of skin bumps, mabye not abnormal at all. But seeing a doctor is the way to know. A distant forum expert can't diagnose anything. But I see absolutely no reason to stop having sex with your wife or to use condoms for either vaginal or oral sex. This is not a reason for her to see her gynecologist. In the small chance it's a wart, she has probably been repeatedly exposed to the HPV infection causing it and is immune or already infected. Recurrent warts almost never are the result of any kind of "immune system breakdown".

I also glanced quickly at your new herpes question. As Terri also will tell you, it made no sense for you to be tested. Having done that, the changing numerical results are meaningless. Such variation is entirely normal, and the test is totally negative as long as the value is below the number for a positive results. Even the exact same specimen tested 10 times would give 10 different numbers, varying both up and down. That test was wasted money.

Please note that repetative anxiety driven questions are against forum policy. This question and the one for Terri (if she chooses to answer it) will have to be your last on this forum. Future ones will be deleted without reply and without refund of the posting fee. This policy is both to save people from themselves posting questions with obvious and predictable answers and because such questions carry no educational value for other readers, one of the main reasons for the forum.

Just move on without worry. It is unlikely you caught HPV, you don't have a wart, don't have herpes, and need to move on.