[Question #1240] hiv and hep b/c transmissions through blood exposures

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88 months ago


As indicated in previous posts, I do have OCD. I plan on going on meds as soon as my baby is born in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I have concerns about a couple of incidents that my husband and therapist are trying to convince me are of no concern:

1.)    1.)Stain on side of toilet bowl that I wiped up but afraid I may have missed a spot (or the wipe did not kill the virus) and then sat on it or it somehow got inside me through a cut

2.)2.)Got a receipt back from gas station worker with stain on it. Looked like a water mark, as it was clear but the sides on the stain were black. Was a fresh stain, as it was still wet. Concerned that it was the worker’s blood and I touched it and then touched a bunch of other items/objects, as well as my son. Receipt also touched several items in my car including atm card, keys, and floor. In addition, I do have cuts on my hand that bleed on occasion without my knowing at first as I wash my hands a lot. Also, worried that the objects are now contaminated with blood that may harm me if I touch them.

Are either of these events a concern for Hiv or hep c or any other blood born diseases?

I understand that besides sex or sharing injection equipment or a cut with an object in a hospital setting, you have said that these events aren’t a risk but I am not sure if the same applies if the stain is still wet/fresh and the blood has only been in the environment for a matter of seconds. (And I know if sounds silly, but I also worry that the blood is on me and that when I go in for an internal exam at ob dr or deliver the baby, the blood will infect me, especially since I have anal fissures/ hemorrhoids). Sorry for all the anxious questions, but I am just looking for some reassurance/advice until I can go on meds.                    



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Edward W. Hook M.D.
88 months ago

I appreciate that you have OCD and are pregnant.  Your questions reflect your OCD and are just not realistic concerns related to risk for HIV  or viral hepatitis.

1.  There is no risk to you from accidental contact with toilet bowel stains contacted while sitting on the toilet or wiping up the spot.

2.  No matter what caused the wet spot/stain on the receipt it did not put you at risk for HIV, viral hepatitis or other blood borne infection.  The presence of cuts on your hands is likewise irrelevant and unrealistic.

The duration between exposure and contact is likewise not a factor.  The exposures you describe irrespective of duration of contamination (if there was any) did NOT put you at risk for these infections.

I hope you are currently seeing someone for assistance n dealing with your OCD.  This Forum is not the place for this and we have had to decline questions with no realistic basis if they have been answered in the past or if they have no educational value to readers.  These questions fall into these categories and therefore there will be no follow-up questions accepted or replied to,  I urge you to see a mental health professional who can help you address the consequences of your OCD even without medication.  I also wish you the best in terms of pregnancy outcomes.  Take care.  EWH