[Question #1256] Relevance of herpes IgG test at 10-10.5 weeks

83 months ago
Hello this is the fourth time I have posted to the form. The first two times were #1053 and a follow up #1016 (Terri) and the third time #1163 (EWH). As I mentioned in the other form I had unprotected sex with a women in her mid 40s. I know she is married but doesn't sleep with her partner, but she did have an encounter 6-9 months before ours. She reported no symptoms and had not been checked. To this day I do not think she was checked after us or had any prior symptoms. My symptoms were just tonsillitis/fever for a few days Clarithromycin took care of. Then I had some penile issues that we (I, Dr EWH and Terri) agreed were anxiety related. Since those pretty much passed, except the varicocele discomfort, but I know that is unrelated. I believe now the tingling/numbness is from holding in the feeling to urinate too long. Anyway I have never had any sores or lesions. Less than a week ago I shaved that area and noticed two tiny tiny tiny bumps (painless) two days later, I had a family colleague inspect them for she is a former nurse, and she deemed them as not herpes. I believe she was right because I squeezed them and barely any pus came out and they were gone the next day when I woke up (obvi not herpes). This monday I received a Herpes HSV2 blood test (IgG through STDcheck.com/Labcorp) at approximately 10/10.5 weeks to exposure. It came back as negative the next day. The value only showed as less than .91 didn't give me a specific number, I realize now I might have been two weeks too early to the golden 12 week rule, should I retest? I am not as concerned with getting herpes because I realize now how common and unharmful it is nor do I believe I have it. However incase I was two weeks two early and it didn't show I would hate to unexpectedly give it to someone else. As mentioned I trust your expertise that I do not have it as confirmed many times nor any other STD (tested for Gon and Chlam) (also took 5 day 4x a day prescription of penicillin for post wisdom tooth s
83 months ago
surgery extraction). So i feel I would be covered for a syphillis infection even though I am positive I don't have it given I have had no signs of symptoms. Pretty much just want to make sure the test at this time frame is accurate because I wouldn't want to infect a potentially new partner. 

Anyway thank you for the help this is by far the cheapest and easiest way to receive answers that are not bogus. Also as mentioned I am very assured I do  not have it from the tw doctors I spoke with (GP and close personal friend President of local hospital former OB/GYN and my family member who is a nurse) along with your expert opinions.  I am just more concerned that the test may not be reliable at this time frame, even though the STDcheck.com people mentioned it was very reassuring at this time frame. 

Thank you, Pete
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
83 months ago
The herpes test at 10 weeks should be very close to as good as 12 weeks.  Given everything you've told us, I really believe that you don't have herpes and that the result of your test at 12 weeks will be the same as it is now.  I honestly don't think that you need to test again unless you simply cannot relax and believe that you are uninfected.  We don't have specific data for 10 weeks but we know at 6 weeks, it is 70% accurate    Do you think you can let this go enough not to test again?

83 months ago
Hello Terri, yes I feel very confident with the fact that you guys already said I did not have it. I even went to my urologist today for an unrelated problem. However he said the same thing and that my on and off tingling sensation is most likely due to nerve damage from lifting heavy weights. Pretty much same as you guys in the fact that I do not have Herpes given the test came back negative, no symptoms, and I have had surgery and stress which most likely would cause an outbreak. I am sorry due to the fact I kept contacting you guys, I was just scared given this is the first time I had weird symptoms and contracted a fever/sore throat 2-3 post sexual encounter. Now I realize the tonsillitis I had was just a coincidence, as every doctor has reassured at this point. The perfect timing of it was what worried me and the doc said that my anxiety most likely created or heightened my urinary "sensations". I do not feel I need to get tested again nor will have to ask any more questions given the feedback from all the doctors and colleagues and yourself I feel very confident about the situation. I just felt I should confirm with you the nature of my results and the time frame they were taken to ensure I wouldn't spread it to other people. Also I only got the test because since I last posted I was uninformed whether my partner had been tested or not, as I thought she had been. However I know now she was married and probably does not want further contact because of this situation. 

Thank you for all the help you guys run a wonderful, informative website.