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92 months ago
1)if mucous membrane ear is exposed to blood or body fluids in large amount , is there any hiv risk??
2)if two person actively bleeding cuts got rubbed each other , is there any hiv risk?? did any one get hiv from like this events?
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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
92 months ago
I'm pretty sure you're the same person as username mandu, question 1262. Dr. Hook's last comment was "I urge you not to post further repetitive questions of the sort." in addition, only one username is permitted.

1) Ear exposure no risk. The ear contains no mucous membranes.

2) IF one person had HIV, IF he was not on treatment and had a high viral load, and IF they rubbed their two fresh cuts together, then HIV MIGHT be transmitted. But those things did not happen to you, and nobody is known to have ever caught HIV from events like this.

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