[Question #1306] Herpes Transmission Question

83 months ago
Here's my question:
I had a one night fling one night on vacation a months ago. We were both very very intoxicated and ended up late night swimming in a pool. Things got hot super super fast. I have HSV - 2 and HSV-1. I refused to have intercourse but allowed his fingers inside me with my bottom suit still on. Everything that I've read tells me that 1. If I wasn't having a breakout and the area I have had breakouts  on in the past was covered by my panties he will be fine because the virus can not be transmittef to the fingers through clothes in this scenario. 2. The virus can not live in the chlorine in the pool. 3. I vagly remember I briefly gave him some oral sex for a short time too in the pool.  Please clarify. I feel  ill that I could of possibly infected him during a drunk poor choice moment. 
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
83 months ago
I feel very strongly that nothing that you did put him at risk for acquiring your HSV 2 infection.  absolutely nothing.  Clearly, you have been worrying about this for a while now and I hope that you can accept my reassurances that masturbation of you in a swimming pool with chlorine does not put him at any risk for HSV 2 acquisition. The whole HSV 1 thing is a bit more foggy - since 56% of the population already has HSV 1, he is more likely than not to be infected with HSV 1 already.  And a single episode of you giving him oral sex is also low risk for transmission, if he doesn't already have HSV 1.  Please let me know if you have other questions, OK?