[Question #1322] Possible HIV

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89 months ago
Hello I am not new to this website I have previously asked questions and I know you guys do not answer repeat questions. However I am only asking because of the slight fever I am experiencing and if it is relevant, nor did I ask about HIV last time. I had sex with a women around 3 to 3.5 months ago, she is in her 40s and is divorced however she only had one exposure before me and that was 6-9 months before we had sex. Now I know HIV transmission is very very low in heterosexual female to male contact, but Id like to be sure. She told me she was clean but she also admitted she was not tested so I figure how would you know. Upon sleeping with her 2-3 days later I contracted a fever and sore throat. My doctor diagnosed it as tonsillitis, within 72 hours of the antibiotic I was feeling ten times better. I took a clam and ghon test which came back negative, and a herpes IGG test at 10 weeks also negative. 

The only thing that worries me is just last night my tonsils got infected again (white pus again on tonsils)  and I got the chills/fever (although it was not a very intense fever, nor do my tonsils ache as badly, swelling does not bother me.  The only reason this concerns me is I have not got sick back to back like so in years, I am usually very healthy, stay fit eat well, sleep enough ect. Though I do not feel I have HIV I just wasn't sure if you guys would find this alarming given the time frame and the reoccurrence. 

The reasons why I don't feel I have it: time frame of initial fever is off, Ive read it comes 2-4 weeks not 2-3 days. 
You guys  said I did not have a need for testing, which I trusted before I got sick again.
Both times I got tonsillitis it was after excessive partying weekends and poor dental hygiene. 
I read the fever for HIV is much stronger, where my fever now feels like a garden variety (never broke into night sweats, slept all night, and swollen tonsils but ease to swallow. 
Lastly I was born with really large tonsils and my doctor said because of the s

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89 months ago
surface area they can become infected easier and I had not been gargling with hydrogen peroxide at night to clean them like I did before. 

So with the info I have submitted and the reoccurrence of the minor illness do you think I have HIV? And should I get tested? 
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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
89 months ago

You can't go through life attributing every twinge and tingle to this single low risk sexual event. Of course your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV or the sexual exposure you are worried about. But since you are now obsessed about HIV, you should be tested. This doesn't mean I believe there was risk for it or that your symptoms could possibly have anything to do with HIV or your sexual exposure. I do not. But when someone is as inappropriately anxious and obsessed as you are, a negative test result sometimes helps people move past their fears. So get tested. It will be negative. And for goodness' sake stop searching online about your exposure and symptoms.

This is for sure your last post in relation to this exposure and symptoms. There will be no further discussion on this thread, and any future questions will be deleted without reply, and without refund of the posting fee. This policy is partly to protect people from themselves, paying good money to hear predictable answers; and because such questions have no educational value for other viewers, one of the main purposes of this forum.