[Question #1323] Further testing?

82 months ago
About 10 weeks ago I had unprotected vaginal sex and performed oral sex with a man. About a week later I had a sore throat, low grade fever, and rash on both armpits. I went to a dr and tested negative for strep and took a zpack. Sore throat went away in 2 days and rash went away in 5 with topical ointment. I got tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia and results were negative. I did an oraquick test at 8 weeks which was negative.  I have had no further problems. Could this have been an STD? Should I get further testing?
Edward W. Hook M.D.
82 months ago

Welcome to the Forum and thanks for your question.  In terms of STIs, you are in the clear.  Your tests (both the tests for gonorrhea and for chlamydia) were taken at a time when the results were entirely reliable.  These tests are very accurate and therefore you can be completely confident that you do not have gonorrhea or chlamydia.  Similarly, your HIV test results at 8 weeks are likewise highly reliable.  You are in the clear and need not be concerned, nor do you need more testing.

By way of perspective and as an FYI, this was a rather low risk exposure.  Most people do not have STIs and when they do, only a small proportion of exposures lead to infection.  Thus while we do not endorse lots of casual partners as a low risk exposure, any single exposure of the sort you describe is probably low risk for infection.

Finally, I would add that the symptoms you describe do not suggest STI.  Most gonorrhea or, on the rare occasions we see it, chlamydia is asymptomatic and STIs would not be expected to cause the sort of rash you describe.  My guess is that you had one of the sorts of viral infections that most of us get from time to time and it happened to coincide with your casual sexual interaction coincidentally.

I hope these comments are helpful.  I would not worry further.  EWH