[Question #1326] Need to be sure of negative tests!

82 months ago
Hello doctors. You will see my question from before but I am back because Of symptoms. As I told you before more than five years back I had  many risky exposures.  I was tested Extensively with all the std tests. I had MANY MANY HIV (3rd and 4th gen) and syphilis (trep and non/trep) from 1 'month afte last exposure until up to 5 1/2 years. All were negative. At 6 years though I had a positive fta/abs but followed by two negative tests of the same kind. I was told by my dr that NO WAY I could have either. My wife now has red spots in her mouth for some reason (ulceration)
1) is there ANY WAY that tests I had for HIV (3rd/4th) from last exposure  to long after could miss infection?(strain/subtype)
2)could repeated rpr and fta miss any syphilis from 0-5 1/2 years(MANY tests) but the. Show the positive and have it be real, even though followed by negative ones?
3)wife having symptoms do I need to be worried about these two diseases from me?
4)how foolproof are the HIV tests as well as syphilis tests from 0-5 years when tested with different types of each?
I really need to be sure I am free of these and don't need to test again. 
Thank you
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
82 months ago
Welcome back. Your question arrived while I was logged in; most users shouldn't expect nearly real time replies.

But I'm sorry to see you apparently did not understand or believe Dr. Hook's replies to your previous question. The answers to these new questions are obvious from that discussion; I suggest you re-read Dr. Hook's answers. The test results you had never lie and the results always overrule symptoms, no matter how typical they seem to be. In other words, you do not have HIV or syphilis, no matter what symptoms you have now or may have in the future. Same for your wife.

Direct answer to your questions:  1-3) No. 4) Totally foolproof.

So you definite are "free of these and don't need to test again."

Regards--  HHH, MD

82 months ago
Good morning and thank you for asking.  I want to be clear that you have all the information in case it changes your mind.  Like I said, my exposures were back near 2009 and none since except my wife.  Afterwards I had many  many hiv tests and syphilis tests along with various other full panel std screenings.  I did wait until around  2012 to get 4th generation testing as that is mainly when it was easier to find.  I also from the first point had many FTA-abs, RPR,  and some tppa testing which all were normal until early 2015 when I decided to test again and got a  positive FTA test, and negative RPR, and negative TPPA.  I was shocked and tested a week later and then nine months later with the same tests but labcorp instead and got all negatives.  I just need to be sure that all my testing is SOLID!!
1)Can you ever wait too long to take a 4th generation test as mine was taken way longer than what you suggest.  Does it make it less valid?
2)Any way that HIV-2 could be being missed over 5 years time with RNA,DNA, specific HIV-2 DNA, hiv-combo tests?
3)Any way that the one positive syphilis test is the correct and all others are wrong?  Is that plausible or just not possible?
4)Can you ever have these two diseases and nearly ALL the tests come back negative, but you really do have(always show seronegative)? 
4)ME and my wife still get all sorts of symptoms(she does not know of my testing).  Can I be ABSOLUTELY sure that NO WAY either of these two diseases missed by the extensive testing I have done?

I know this probably sounds mental, but there are truly things, and i want to make sure I am doing or have done all I can.
Thank you
82 months ago
Oops, my #5 question I forgot 
5)ABSOLUTELY forget both of these beyond a shadow of a doubt, no matter what symptoms at all? No matter how suspicious?
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
82 months ago
Do you somehow think the answers will change just because you ask them again with different wording? Here are the same answers again.

1) Once positive, the 3rd and 4th gen HIV tests remains positive for life. It is not possible for them to give a positive result and later be negative.
2) They detect HIV2. No possibility.
3) As Dr. Hook told you, the FTA-ABS is the one syphilis test that once in a while gives false positive results. The negative results on all the others prove you do not have syphilis.
4) No, this does not happen.
5) Already answered -- see my reply above. Yes:  ABSOLUTELY forget both beyond a shadow of a doubt, no matter what sympotms or how suspicious.

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