[Question #1328] Should i take pep..? Please help me.

82 months ago
Hello doctor
Yesterday i got a blowjob from a sexworker.
She used a condom on my pennis.
I noticed she was a smoker because her lips was kind of red.
I am too worried now.

My qyestions are.

1. I am still within 72 hours to take pep medication. Should ask my doctor? I heard they wont give for such event.

2.What is the risk of getting HIV from this event? Should i get tested for hiv?

3.I was bit drunk on that day, i am sure she put a condom but what if something broke or something?

Please answer me as soon as possible.

Edward W. Hook M.D.
82 months ago

Welcome to our forum.  I'll try to help.  If you were my patient and asked for PEP I would not prescribe it for you because, in my opinion, it would be unethical to do so.  With or without a condom and irrespective of her oral hygiene this was a no risk event.  There are no cases in which HIV has been proven to be acquired as a result of receiving oral sex.  Receipt of oral sex is the only sort of penetrative sex which has never been associated with risk for acquisition of HIV.  Other forms of penetrative sex are variably associated with HIV risk- Receptive rectal sex is the riskiest sort of exposure and transmission occurs about once for every 100 exposures, with unprotected penile vaginal sex the risk is lower, about 1 infection per 1000 sex acts and for performing oral sex on an infected partner is it lower still- probably less than 1 infection per 10,000 sex acts.

Further, it is unlikely that your partner had HIV.  Even among commercial sex workers infections are rare.

Finally, in addition to the no risk nature of your experience, PEP is costly and associated with side effects in some patients who take the medication.  For all of these reasons I recommend against seeking PEP.  Unfortunately, I suspect you can find someone who might be willing to prescribe PEP but I recommend against it and would not do it.

I hope these comments are helpful to you.  EWH

82 months ago
Thank you very much doctor for your quick response.

I will not go for pep.

Can you please answer the following question?

1. Should i get tested for HIV before continue sex with my partner? I am scared and dont want spread to her. 

Sorry to trouble you.

Edward W. Hook M.D.
82 months ago

Glad to hear you found my comments helpful. 

Unless there are other reasons for concern about HIV in your past, there is no reason for testing prior to resuming unprotected sexual contact with your partner.  EWH

82 months ago
Now after 9 days i am having minor cold and sore throt.

No fever.

Is it something to worry?

Can anyone catch hiv by getting blow job alone with condom?

Since i read about sore throat started getting worried.

Thank you

Edward W. Hook M.D.
82 months ago
Welcome back to our site.  I can understand your apprehension but can assure you that your current symptoms are not related to the exposure we discussed and are not a sign of HIV from the events we discussed.  The sore throat associated with the ARS (recently acquired HIV) are typically severe and accompanied by high fever and muscle aches.  Your symptoms do not suggest this is the ARS.

In addition, there has NEVER been an instance in which HIV has been proven to be acquired by receipt of oral sex, either u protected or condom protected.

Be confident you made the right decision, you are not at risk for HIV from the encounter you have described.  EWH