[Question #1342] Worried about possible Gonorrhea, chlamydia or NGU via oral

82 months ago
I'm a 41 year old male. Until 2 weeks ago only sexual contact has been with my gf (now ex) over the last 4 years. Briefly had encounter with former partner who I haven't seen in years. She's 32 yr old female. 2 1/2 weeks ago she performed oral on me for roughly 1 minute. When then engaged in protected intercourse for another minute or two. 

About a week later I noticed irritation (slight burning, itching around urethra) after urination that continues along with frequent urination and urine dripping. No other symptoms such as discharge present.  Last week I visited a doctor for unrelated issued and a urine sample was taken with no leukocytes present.  Also of note I have suffered from prostatitis in the past.

I was tested yesterday and I know I just need to wait for results but freaking out I could have an STD/STI. 

Based on symptoms and other information what is the likely I turn up positive ?

82 months ago
I forgot to add. the irritation after urination normally happens about 15-30 seconds after. Also, I held of from ejaculating for a week after the possible exposure where I felt serious seminal build up and masturbated to relieve the pressure.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
82 months ago
 Welcome to our foreman thanks for your question. The symptoms that you described (burning after urination, urinary frequency and dribbling) are not typical symptoms of any sexually transmitted infection.   When combined with the fact that no white blood cells were seen in your urine specimen, it is quite unlikely that you have an STI of any sort and I anticipate that your tests will be negative.  Sometimes symptoms such as these can be due to hyper vigilance and a bit of anxiety.

 In addition I would add that STI's are rather uncommon following unprotected oral sex and even more uncommon following condom protected sex. Fiinally, STDs are relatively uncommon amongst women over the age of 30 years. 

My advice is to not worry.  I,anticipate that your tests will be negative.  When they are, I encourage you to move forward without concern and without further testing.  EWH