[Question #1355] Test Results & Window Period

82 months ago
Thank you in advance for answering my previous question(#1247)(Dr.HHH) . I know you guys say not to post repetitive/anxiety driven questions so I'm not going to go in detail with my ongoing symptoms (low risk exposure). However my symptoms persisted so I took your advice and visited my doctor. I also got tested just to reassure myself.  I just need to know the window period to my test results, I contacted my doctor @ Kaiser and they don't really know what the window period are (General Practitioner) and the clinic where I got my other tests says to retest after 3 months have past. 

I took the full STD 10 Panel test(hep a,b,c,hsv 1/2,RPR,Gon/Chly and also with 4th Gen HIV test at 26 Days post exp. everything came back negative, so I retested (LabCorp) at 39 Days post exposure with same STD 10 Panel with 4th Gen HIV and everything was negative. So my only question is

1. Are most of these test conclusive after 39 days( Dr. HHH told me that the 4th Gen HIV is conclusive at 28 Days, however I did mine 26 and 39 days) I don't know If that makes a difference. Also to add I was on Antibiotics on the 4th day post exposure(Amoxicillin) for 10 days.   Thanks you guys for your service, it has really helped. Also a note to Dr. HHH (I called the Lab at Kaiser and they switched over to the 4th Gen HIV test from April 27, 2016)  

Edward W. Hook M.D.
82 months ago

I'm sorry that your virtually no risk activity which you have previously discussed with both Terrie and Dr. Handsfield continues to needlessly worry you.  As Dr. Handsfield told you "Repetitive anxiety driven questions are not permitted on the forum. This is definitely your last one about this exposure, tests, etc. If you try again, the question will be deleted without reply and without refund of the posting fee. This policy protects people from themselves (to not spend good money when the answers won't change) and because such questions carry little educational value for other readers, which is one of the main purposes of the forum." Not describing the exposure does not change this- this is still a repetitive question.  I will provide very brief comments and there will be no further responses to this or future questions about this exposure.

Your tests are conclusive.  If a person acquired HIV, 4th generation HIV tests of the sort are always positive within 28 days of exposure and then remain so for the rest of the person's life.  The antibiotics you took make no difference either.

Please believe your tests and do not waste your time or money on further tests.  If you cannot stop worrying, I urge you to seek professional counseling to work through this.  I say this only in the interest of your mental health.   EWH