[Question #1358] Had unprotected sex with someone with genital warts

84 months ago

I had brief (3 minutes) of sex with someone who has come back positive with genital warts. According to her doctor the risk of my transmitting is low is this true?
Edward W. Hook M.D.
84 months ago
Welcome to our Forum and thanks for your question.  I agree with your doctor that this is not something to worry about.  There are several reasons that I say this.,  First, as you doctor has told you, most STIs are not transmitted following a single sexual exposure and, unlike some of the bacterial STIs which we give preventative therapy for, there is no clear preventative therapy which would change the outcome of your exposure.  The second reason is that, if you have been sexually active in the past, whether or not you know it, it is likely that you have been unknowingly exposed to HPV, the virus that causes warts.  At present over 80% of sexually active persons, even if they have only had a single partner, have been exposed to and have HPV.

My advice is to move forward without further concern.  I hope my response will help you to do this.  I see no reason for concern, no reason for HPV testing, and no reason for abstinence related to this exposure.  EWH