[Question #1360] hand job with saliva hand to genital; herpes or other STI

82 months ago
I asked this question before and it was answered that masturbation with hand using saliva on penis for lubrication can not cause herpes. I have also seen questions by others , every time answer by the experts seems to the same. This happened last wednesday Nov 2, when i received hand job with saliva from a stripper at a strip club. I want to mention, i am and have not been sexually active other wise. There is no other incidence to explain this, not even protected/safe encounter. I just have been abstaining from all sexual activities. So if STI's are not transmitted via hand job, why am i experiencing these symptoms. Saturday Nov 5, i noticed a red spot about 3-4 mm on penis shaft, or foreskin; visible only when i pull foreskin back. Nov 6th i see another one developing. November 7th i noticed another one. All similar dimensions. Kinda on the same line when i pull foreskin back. So can be thought of a red ring. Few hours ago, i noticed there is another one developing, this time on glans, where the glans start, distal end from urethra. All the red dark spots are not painful to touch. No discharge. No painful urination. I am scared to death, what it could be? Is this just my anxiety? Can it be any STI? May be its my anxiety, after i read the symptoms of herpes, yesterday,  i am feeling tingling sensation in my penis, every few hours. Please help. 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
82 months ago
Welcome to the Forum.  I will try to help.  I have sympathy for your inability to accept the advice of experts based on scientific data and your willingness to be misled or to mis-interpret information on the internet.  Neither herpes nor other STIs are transmitted by receipt of masturbation with or without saliva.  The lesions you describe do not suggest herpes.  Please understand that their are many non-STI dermatological processes, including fungal infections, which can occur on the penis and lead to lesions of the sort you describe.  What you describe is compatible with a fungal skin infection and statistically, this is the most likely cause of the lesions you describe.  I suggest you check with a knowledgeable health care provider or dermatologist.  EWH