[Question #1366] Sorry to be back...NEW incident (Please read)

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90 months ago
Hi Drs., sorry I'm back...this is new. Previously, I asked a question about possible oral HSV2 due to sore throats after french-kissing with CSWs in March 2016. I waited 6 months after (with no sex since I have no partner), and on 9/23/16 I got an IGG test for HSV1 and HSV2. I was POSITIVE for HSV1 (1.27) and NEGATIVE for HSV2 (<0.90).  Unfortunately, I had another incident recently with a CSW (my only sexual encounter since the IGG test and my first since over 6 months ago). I french kissed extensively with the CSW and also received unprotected oral for about 5-7 minutes. About 2-3 days after the unprotected oral I began having periodic burning, itching sensations in my penis (no blisters or ulcers have yet developed anywhere on penis). It has now been 6 days since the encounter, and about 5 days after, I began to develop about 3 small, slightly sore bumps on my scrotum far from the penis...one bump is larger than the others and appears to be a slightly raised whitish-pink area that is sore to touch and has been burning a bit. QUESTIONS: 1) Could this be HSV2 resulting from the unprotected oral? (I know it can't be HSV1 because I already have that)   2) If it is folliculitis, why are there no hairs in the middle of the raised areas??? (do some follicles on the scrotum have no hairs?)  3) What is the percentage/probability I got genital HSV2 from the unprotected oral?...(keep in mind this CSW NEVER uses condoms for oral sex, and performs oral for many different men)  4) Would it be unusual to develop herpes lesions on the scrotum since the CSW never licked me there?? (contact was with penis only)
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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
90 months ago
Sigh. Sorry to see you back. And you are again asking questions that have been asked directly, or whose answers are obvious from the previous discussions. As you have been told repeatedly, HSV2 rarely infects peoples mouths and therefore is rarely transmitted by kissing or by oral sex. The typical symptoms of initial herpes also have been described and once again it is obvious you have no such symptoms. Accordingly, very brief responses to the present questions:

1) No, these symptoms do not suggest genital herpes.

2) Maybe it's not folliculitis; or some hairs are ingrown; or very fine hairs difficult to see.

3) There are no data, but I would guess under one chance in a million.

4) Yes. HSV infections take hold where the virus is "massaged" into the tissues. Penile exposure would not result in herpes of the scrotum.

My reply to your most recent previous question included this:

"I have no confidence that hearing the same answers yet again is going to help you further. You are going to continue to worry, and hearing the same information now or in the future isn't going to change anything. This is clearly a mental health issue:  it is seriously abnormal to be so unable to accept or process this sort of infection, or to separate your likely anxieties over a sexual decision you regret from herpes or other disease consequences from that event. Accordingly, the only thing I can recommend is professional counseling. I truly suggest it from compassion, not critiicism." And that remains my advice.

Repetative anxiety driven questions are not permitted, to protect users from themselves (paying for information with obvious answers), and because such questions have little educational value for other users, one of the main reasons for the forum. There will be no further discussion on this thread, and any future new threads from you will be deleted without reply and without refund of the posting fee. Good bye and good luck.