[Question #1379] super anxius!!!!!!!!!!! cant go truth this again and again!!!!

76 months ago
i suffer with hiv ocd, i had theoretical risks all time, i been posting here before and medhelp, i have trauma because of the waiting time for accure results and been unfeithful to wife, but never in vaginal or anal sex scenario.,,, 
i was walking in dt after smoke a joint, and i felt water came to eye, i tought was rain drop or smth, then after that while i was walking i felt a poke in my leg, after that i belive some one saliva came to my eyes, and the poke was because some trow a syringe on my leg, 3  days after   in a bar a random guy while talking put saliva on my eye.
i star becoming very nervouss these days,------- 7 days after i star felling muscles aches n joins  and in the nodes, 14 days  later i have a lil rash on my finger like 1 inch long rash, muscles pain still, i had a sollen and painful node on my arbit, i think i am having  hiv acute infection i am all worry again( no fever,no sore trhoa)
my question is
my hiv ars star 7 days from the first scenario and 4 days from  the secondscneario, rash appear now 2 weeks after these scenarios  on my finger right hand
if i have naat test  at 18 and 21 days post these exposures, can i feel safe, in case is neg
the test is 
((((naat combine with ab/ag and eia.)))))
is this  3 test will rule out  infeccion after 18 and 21 days of my exposure?
naat test is done by pool system

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
76 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately, I doubt I can help very much. As you likely know from personal experience, OCD is generally not amenable to statements of fact and probabilities. You clearly know that HIV is not transmitted by the sort of exposure you describe. I am happy to reaffirm that, but the rest is up to you.

In the hope that a few facts may help a little bit:  Getting stuck with a contaminated needle in the environment is one of those theoretically possible HIV infections scenarios that has never once been reported to have actually happened. And probably you weren't poked at all (how would that happen?? Second, nobody is known to have ever caught HIV by a splatter of moisture in the eye, and saliva does not transmit HIV. In fact, saliva kills HIV, which is one reason that kissing and oral sex are risk free. Third, your symptoms do not suggest ARS. You've made the mistake of reading lists of symptoms and concluding that any one of them could indicate ARS. However, ARS is diagnosed and suspected by patterns of multiple symptoms, and your pattern is inconsistent with that diagnosis.

From a medical or risk standpoint, I recommend against HIV testing. But if you feel you must do it, you can expect negative results from those that you mention. A NAAT combined with 4th gen (Ag/Ab) test at 18-21 days probably will be about 99% conclusive. For a definitie result, you'll need testing again at 28 days. Finally, NAAT by pooled methodology is just as accurate as non-pooled.

Probably you have been advised or have considered having professional counseling about your OCD. That makes sense to me too. I suggest it from compassion, not criticism.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD

76 months ago
I cant prove that in the first scenario whatever came to my eyes was saliva from someone and the poke i felt in my leg while walking came from a needle or syringe.i just cant. but the dude who spit in my face. 3 days after. thats was real and did happend
The guy look not very legit. i am concern if blood was present in his saliva
Was my chances when contact with my eyes?
The naat test and ab.ag i am planning to take
Tonorrow at 18 days and 21 days will be 99% .isnt that enough for my exposure?
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
76 months ago
Of course you can't prove it wasn't saliva or that you were poked with a syringe. But what are the odds? And in the extraordinarily unlikely chance that either or both happened, the possibility you would have been infected is nil. Do you really believe you're going to be the first person in the world, in the 40 year history of the known HIV/AIDS epidemic? Does it not make any difference to you that no such case has ever been scientifically documented?

Whether 99% reliability is "enough" for these non-exposure events is something for you to decide, not me. As I said, I would recommend you not be tested at all.

Get that counseling. You need it badly.

76 months ago
Dr hhh.
So u mean that for peace of mind is pointless to have a naat and ab.ag now 18 n 21 days after theoretical exposure.
What other test could rule out infeccion on the body going on?
I feel that 10 days more i am gona lose my mind
Honestly. it is affecting my marriage
Also i feel i am gonna infecf my dauther while talking close to her. if my salive get in her eyes. ir if she was contact with salive with blood etc. 
And if eye is expose to the air. isnt help to prevent infeccion.
What about when i was high in weed. my eyes red. the redness coud help virus to enter?
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
76 months ago
I'm sorry, I can't help further. You have not caught HIV, but you are free to test if you wish. There are no tests you can do other than the ones mentioned. If still feel you need the reassurance of a negative test results, despite the reasoned, science-based reassurance and advice I have given, I would suggest a single 4th generation (Ag/Ab) test at 4 weeks, which will be conclusive without an expensive NAAT. Why do any testing that will not be conclusive?

Whether or not you were smoking marijuana or anything else will not increase your risk of catching HIV by eye exposure or any other way.

If your marriage is being affected by this, it is all the more reason to seek professional mental health care. Your thinking about all this is seriously abnormal, Just ask your wife.

That concludes the two follow-up comments and replies for each question, and so concludes this thread. Do not start a new thread with any more questions about these events or testing. Repetative anxiety driven questions are not permitted, and a new thread would be deleted without reply and without refund of the testing fee.

As I said above, I suggest counseling from compassion, not criticism. You clearly have a serious OCD or other mental health problem that needs professional attention. Good luck with it.