[Question #1384] Environment

82 months ago
I work as an electrician, during my work i get a frequent cuts from sharp objects and environment ,  if there is some amount of blood(small or large amount)   in sharp objects or in environment , can hiv be transmitted  from like this events??
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
82 months ago
No, HIV has never been known to be transmitted in this circumstance. No risk at all, no worries. In your previous thread I pointed out that envinronmental contamination never results in HIV transmssion.

It would appear you are one of those persons abnormally concerned about contamination, at least with HIV and perhaps other things. If this is affecting your life as seriously as I suspect, you probably will need professional mental health counseling. Thoughts like these are very abnormal. I suggest it from compassion, not criticism. In the meantime, you need to stop searching the web on these things, or at least limit yourself to scienfically reliable sites. To avoid HIV, have only safe sex and do not share drug injection equipment with other people. There are no other risks you need to worry about.