[Question #1421] Handjob Risk

82 months ago
Dear Doctors, I'm sorry to be back. I made a mistake and it's my guilt and anxiety which is killing me. Two days back I received a handjob at a massage parlor without condom - I don't know her health status. Where I had gone to get a massage for a friends bachelor party. There was no oral or any other form of protected or unprotected sex at all - as I categorically refused. I just felt her naked breasts and might have touched my penis with the same hand after a few seconds  - she had undressed completely. However, our genitals didn't touch each other (and were not even in very close proximity) and I didn't touch her vagina. I also think she did not touch that herself. She had washed her hands by plain water I think before the massage. She used a lot of oil as lubricant. I looked carefully at her hands and they seemed clean and did not seem to have any obvious cuts but I may be wrong.  Am I or my girlfriend at risk of HIV? Do I need PEP or any test?  My apologies and I intend not to repeat this mistake as well again and was not intended. In any event, I will confess this to my girlfriend and ask for her forgiveness but I want to know if I did put her at risk for anything by this act? 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
82 months ago
This is your 4th recent post.   Repeating questions will not change our answers and the answers you receive from Dr. Handsfield and I will carry the same message.  The events you describe were no risk- none, nada, zero.  You do not need PEP, your GF is not at risk and there is no need for testing.  End of story.  Further, repeated, anxiety-driven questions are a form of Forum abuse.  You need to address your anxiety and repeating your questions does not do that.  Acknowledging your misstep to your GF is a good start.  This will be your only answer to this repetitive question and the question will be closed later today.  EWH