[Question #1434] O.C.D HIV I think...

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91 months ago
im happy to find Dr Hunter OR wood  here!!!Il use to ask questions about Hiv on Med Help 6 years ago...sorry im french..

M'y story.
12 years ago, anal réceptiv intercourse with mens in bathubs saunas in Montreal. 
Each Was protected for the anal Part and I even remember look at the condoms when the guys cames out, im so paranoid about Hiv 

For the oral part with mens, more activitys, no protections.

During thoses years, 2002 2003 2005
Sommes girls i meet on internet , 3. 4 girls  
I Was not protected and it Was like 2 or 3 évents with Each one 

Since 2008 im with the same girl friend. 
No mens to men at all, juste some prostitutes but Always protected bécause they where on the Street. 

I think i made à mistake to read on the internet in 2011 about the dermatitis thing..
This is why in this périod i spend à lot of time to worry about the skin shaving or the dermatitis im not even sure I have..and poste on Med help.

I WENT TO HOSPITAL 6.7 times since 2011 and they perform complete blood test and even if its Was not Hiv spécific Tests, Im immagine if the' Suppose ' dermatitis Was immune disorder, all the doctors i saw who perform blood test will have at least find someting strange in m'y blood and puch the investigation furthers. ..lol



IF THE DERMATITIS THING  ( MAYBE ITS NOT BUT JUST SHAVING TING) WHERE DUE TO HIV  since 2011 i would y have been sick in other wars. 

Everywere experts i ask , even you 6 years ago think im not at bien risque at all do you Still think the same.?

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Edward W. Hook M.D.
91 months ago

Welcome to our Forum.  I am pleased that you have found our comments helpful.  Your current question is a bit difficult to follow.  I will do my best to answer but if my reply is not clear, please feel free to provide clarifying information and ask again. 

As I understand it you are concerned about HIV.  Back over 10 years ago you had condom protected rectal sex and unprotected oral sex.  After that you were tested for HIV on several occasions and had negative tests (Is this correct or have you not been tested for HIV?).  Since 2005 your exposures have been protected sex with female commercial sex workers and sex with your regular female partner.  In 2011 you read on the internet about the skin rashes of HIV and this has caused you to be concerned.  You have been seen by doctors on several occasions and tested for other problems but not HIV.  You continue to be worried that you skin rash, which has been attributed to shaving, may be related to HIV. 

Assuming my summary above is correct, I have several comments:

1.  The rash of recently acquired HIV lasts only a few days and then resolves.  it does not recur.  Thus any persistent or recurring rash that you have would not be due to recently acquired HIV.

2.  There are other chronic rashes related to HIV which can be longstanding but these rashes do not come and go and are easily recognized.  If the doctors who saw you did not think your rash was due to HIV, it probably was not.  If it was likely, they would have suggested an HIV test.

As for skin rashes associated with shaving, folliculitis is a common problem and this may be what is going on. 

Thus for you I have three suggestions:

1.  If you have not been tested recently, I suggest that you get an HIV test.  It is most unlikely that you have HIV and a single test will provide reliable results.  I anticipate that the result of testing will be negative. following one negative test, there is NO reason for further HIV testing

2.  For your OCD, stay off the internet.  There is much misinformation there which may mislead you. 

3.  Also for your OCD, your chances of working through this without help are small.  I suggest that you go on and seek the help of a trained counselor or mental health professional.  OCD is challenging to deal with and few patients succeed in working through it without help. 

I hope these comments are helpful to you.  EWH 


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91 months ago
Ok im sorry .
Its à very good answer but maybe you miss little bit..lol M'Y fault. 

Im juste concern with the dermatitis sohoboric thing.
Im not even sure this is what i have. 
Maybe its juste normal razor thing .
I just paranoid bécause I read about dermatitis and Hiv on the Net. 

I dont have any rash on m'y body, just where im shaving. 

So m'y question again is this:
IF anyway i hav dermatitis , since 2011...., ( the first time i look in the mirror and start to paranoid about m'y probably normal skin on face ( juste shaving redness i guess. ..)
And my dermatitis where due to week immune système,  I immagine since all the blood test I did since 2011 thèses  doctors would have seens something in m'y blood ?

Il use to red on Med Help ( Dr Hunter)
The fact if the dermatitis is due to Hiv its not just come and go and come with severals other illness. 

So the first time I  Red about dermatitis thing and the relation with Hiv ( not allways ) I started in 2011 to look myself in the mirror to immagine every scratch in the face and flaky  skin after shaving Was dermatitis.

Even a dermatologist look at me 6 years ago and look m'y Head And didnt tel me i had dermatitis...

Anyway i immagine IF i had dermatitis since 2011 and it where due to Hiv, all the blood test i Had ( maybe 6....lol) would have shown à kind of problems IF the dermatitis where due a poor immune système?

So like i whrote in m'y first question Was the kind of sexual épisodes I had.
Protected msm for anal Part but not the oral.
 Girls 3.4 max 2.3 . Vaginals no protections. 
Same girl friend since 2008.
No protection with m'y girfriend.
No mens  sex since 2008 .just somes prostitutes with condoms of course. 
( im so paranoid    lol)

M'y girl friend told me this.
She said in 2011 i ask you,
Doctor Hunter  as Well...
About the dermatitis thing  ( im not even sure I have dermatitis at the first place)
And she remember me everybody told me about (the dermatitis)  even IF i Have it, since 2011, it will be irrelevant to think about HIV bécause if he where due to HIV I would have been treatned by other deseases by now and Not just flaky skin probably due to shaving and dryness. ..

Please doctor.
IF you google  ' not sure the answer of med help'
YOU will find à old post from me to you in 2011.

I think im immagine problems on m'y body ti much and problems i see BiG BiG and they are  nothing to do with Hiv infections. 
I think i need reanssurance from you and take back my meds to heal my O.C.D. 

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Edward W. Hook M.D.
91 months ago
You are being paranoid.  you have received the opinion of trained specialists (dermatologists) who saw no dermatitis.  Seborrheic dermatitis is a common skin condition which can get worse in persons with advanced HIV.  Most people with seborrheic dermatitis do not have HIV.  EWH
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91 months ago
Last thing before it ends please. 

I feel like you answer m'y question à bit fast .

Just telling me i Am paranoid didnt help me much doctor. .

M'y question Was 
1- if I had dermatitis. . IF.
Probably since 2011 , since i paranoid about this and look myself in the mirror since 6 years, IF it will due to HIV, dont you think i would have been sick in other ways by now?

2.   Since m'y Last test in 2001.
Mens  sex 3.4 times bottom with condoms and no condoms for oral. 
Girls 3...4 girls I meet on bars or internet.
No protections.
Since 2008 , regular girfriend i love and no protection with her.
Im healty i think bécause I went to 6.7 différents hospitals since 8 years and they perform complete blood test.
Not the HIV spécific but blood test .

3. IF the dermatitis  I THINK" maybe" I Have where due to immune problèmes, I immagine since 2011 the doctors would have détect someting strange in m'y blood and puch the investigation furthers ?

4. Do you anticipate à négative résults if I have the courage to test with the kinds of sexual  exposures i had Before i meet m'y wife in 2008?
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Edward W. Hook M.D.
91 months ago

Final answers

1.  If my pointing out that you are paranoid does not help you, and being seen by other health professionals who are not concerned about HIV has not helped you in the past, then what you need is not medical advice but the help of a mental health professional who can help you address your unwarranted fears.  If you had HIV for 6 or more years, it is likely that you would have become sick by now.

2.  Given your history of exposures and fears, testing for HIV is reasonable.  I am confident that your test will be negative.  When it is, I urge you to accept/believe the result.

3.  You have said that your doctors do not agree with you that you have a dermatitis.  You should discuss this with your doctor, not with a distant on-line service. 

4.  Yes, if you test I anticipate you will find that you do not have HIV.  Given your concerns, there is no reason not to test.  Testing will not change whether or not you have HIV.  IA negative test would prove that you do not and in the very unlikely event that your test was positive, the result would give you the opportunity to seek the highly effective treatment that is available.  Given your statements, the only thing that does not make sense is for you not to test. 

I hope my comments have helped you.  This is the final response as part of this thread.  In addition, further, repetitive, anxiety-driven posts will be closed without answers.  Take care.  EWH