[Question #1441] Mutal Masturbation and Anal Fingering

74 months ago

I'm a 26 year old male and on Nov 4 I was involved with sexual activity with another man. I went to his house and we first started with masturbating ourselves and then we both started to masturbate each other. Things quickly evolved to him fingering me for 5-10 minutes pretty vigorously with lube. Nothing ever went past that, no kissing, no genital to genital contact. At worst he would masturbate himself alittle and then finger me, (genital-hand-genital). there was never any kissing or exchange of bodily fluids.  I ask him his sti status and he said I have nothing to worry about? Nov 26 I started have pain with bowl movement and sharp pain and itchiness in the anal area. Nov27 I had an achy lower body but went away after a day of re-hydrating myself. Pain and itchiness carried on until Nov 29 where after a shower I noticed one small tear/lesion right outside my anal cavity. Which is why I'm very unnerved. No fever, soar throat, or lymph nodes swollen as far as I know. I never saw any cuts or lesions and him in any form.

Rational me wants to think that I have drank quite a bit over Thanksgiving Thursday-Sunday which dehydrated me, which led to my hard stools and a (one) anal fissure which would cover the tear/lesion.  Also, the dehydration would have caused my legs to be achy?

Irrational me wants to belief the timing of the tear/lesion and and achy legs have everything to do with my recent sexual activity and may be mild signs of herpes or other STI's?

Do you think my sexual encounter and symptoms is worth going to a doctor and explaining this very embarrassing question or does one not have to do with the other and I'm overreacting?

What are the chances of getting an STI from above experience.

How easily can fissure be misdiagnosed for herpes or vice-versa?

How worried should I be?

Dr. Thank you, hope to hear from you soon.
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
73 months ago
Good morning,
You mentioned that he fingered your anus - is this something that you do very often? Have you had unprotected anal sex as the bottom partner?   If this anal contact is not something you do often, it could certainly account for tenderness and itching around the anus if it was sufficiently irritated - could also cause a tear.  The dehydration would not cause your legs to be achy, no.

I do not think that your sexual encounter rises to the level of "risky" at all, no, nor do I think you need to go to the doctor for an STD check, based on what you describe in your post.  I think your chances of getting an STI under this circumstance is just not there. 
To answer your other question, I do think that fissures and herpes do get mixed up when using only a visual exam, yes.  But that really doesn't matter in this situation because I don't believe you are at any risk of acquiring herpes in this situation.  We get the question of mutual masturbation a lot and we just don't feel there is sufficient exposure and virus present for someone to get infected in this way.

If the ulceration continues, then yes, you should get it checked out by a professional but I don't believe you would have acquired herpes in THIS situation. 

73 months ago

Thanks for the response. This is exporaure is something I do not do at all really and have never had unprotected anal sex! The irritation seems far removed from the encounter, this is what worries me. could the irritation still be because it was a new experience being so far removed? The ulceration has subsided a day or two after I posted and it never scabbed over, would that matter?  Can you explain asymptomatic shedding and if it applies to my case. Assuming he does have herpes could passage to me  not happen this way?  I'm going to go get tested at 8 weeks for my peace of mind and just going forward as an annual check up.   I do not know what kind of  test my doctor does for HSV and I know from reading these post that some are better than others. Does it matter at 8weeks what test he does or should I ask for a specific test? I've tested negative two years ago for all stds, do I run a risk of getting a false positive when I go in?

Thanks Terri! 
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
73 months ago
Do you mean that it seems the irritation is lasting a long time in comparison to when it happened?
Often lesions in the genital area do not scab - whether they are herpes or not - they simply fill in with new skin and tissue.
Asymptomatic shedding is giving off the virus when no symptoms are present.  Even if he was infected, you are not at risk because there wasn't the kind of contact happening that would get virus into you in the way and with sufficient quantity for you to become infected.  I personally think there is no reason to be tested.  Do you know for sure that your previous STD screens included herpes testing?  Most does not.  There is always the risk of a false positive, though it is low.  if you do test, you want a type specific IgG test.