[Question #1475] HIV scare

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91 months ago
Hello doctor,

I have been to a strip club few days ago and had hand job by a stripper and i also have touched her vagina. After the hand job is done I have cleaned my penus with the same hand that I have touched the stripper without washing it.

1). Would this cause any risk of hiv, worried because I have touched my penus with the same hand I used to touch her Vagina.

Really scared that something bad might occur.

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Edward W. Hook M.D.
91 months ago

Welcome to the Forum.  I'll be pleased to comment.  HIV is transmitted only through penetrative sexual contact or injection of infected material deep into tissue.  Touching an HIV-infected person's genitals and then your own would not put you at any risk for HIV. I would also point out that it is for this reason that mutual masturbation between persons with and without HIV is considered safe sex with no risk of HIV even though in such activities it is typical for participants to get each others genital secretions on one another.  The activities you describe are NO risk for HIV or, for that matter, other STIs. There is no need for concern and no need for testing. 

I hope my comments will relieve your concerns and let you move forward.  EWH