[Question #1500] Handjob (hiv/hbv/herpes) all symptoms

83 months ago
Hello Dr's,

I am a 26 y/o male, never had any type of sex oral, vaginal, or anal in my life and I don't drink or smoke.  

6 months ago I entered a massage place and took a table shower.
A Thai lady rubbed a lotion on my body and left me in the steam room for 15 min, came back and rubbed my body with water. At the end she gave me a rough unprotected handjob where I ejaculated. The lady was clothed the whole time and I never touched her.

3 days later, the area around my anus was red and itchy and had painful urination. 

Exactly One week after exposure, I had a sore throat, fever(38.3), and tonsillitis and (dry cough and fatigue that lasted for a month).The doc gave me antibiotics. 

Three weeks after exposure I had abnormal bowel movement where small white seeds show up in stool until now.

6 weeks after exposure, I had a watery diarrhea , fever, and nausea for 3 days. 

After that, till now, 
-I have mild pain that come and go in my upper arms, 
-red bumps that feel hot and itchy appear on skin (look like spider bite)
-tiny petechia appear near upper arms that come and go
-nauseous, especially when hungry
-pain in throat (not when swallowing)

Three months after exposure, I did a CBC, liver, kidney, urine, and stool analysis. They all came back normal except that a lot of yeast was identified in stool. Also, triglycerides were very low even though cholesterol was normal.

I lately did chlamydia and  gonorrhea tests which came back negative

I never had such symptoms in my life and I am sure that I caught something from that incident. Based on my continuous reading about std, I think that I may have caught hiv.

Could you please advice and give me your opinion. I am extremly depressed.
Thank you

Edward W. Hook M.D.
83 months ago
 Welcome to our forum. I will be glad to comment. My sense is that you are over reacting to the events that occurred at the massage parlor and linking coincidental events with the fact that your masseuse masturbated you.  Masturbation is considered safe sex by all experts including relatively conservative agencies source such as the US CDC. There is no risk from receipt of masturbation or mutual masturbation even if a partner's secretions or body fluids get on you in the course of the activity  in the case you describe, the masseuse remained clothed throughout the interaction, further assuring that you could not have acquired any STI whatsoever.  The exposure you describe does not warrant testing of any sort for STI's. 

I recommend:
1.  Try to relax.
2.  Stay off the internet.  It will mislead you.
3.   If you cannot do it yourself, then talk your concerns through with a trained counselor or mental health professional whom you trust. 

I hope this assessment is helpful.  EWH
83 months ago
Thank you Dr for your reply.
The symptoms I had, still having are very suggestive of a bad Sti infection and this just makes me feel that I was really unlucky and infected by her hands somehow. If this was not STI what could it be that still affecting my health? which all started only after that exposure.

I really appreciate your opinion and patience.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
83 months ago
The fact that you think your symptoms are suggestive of an STI suggests to me that you have been searching the internet for a relationship between the symptoms you report and STIs.  This is a bad idea as much of what you will find there is taken out of context, mis-interpreted or just plain wrong.. The symptoms that you describe above could and probably did arise from other causes, if they were abnormal at all.  We often see clients who, because of guilt over their actions, tend to focus on normal sensations that they would otherwise ignore and amplify them with their anxiety.. I suspect that this is what is happening to you.  The activities you describe, while perhaps personally embarrassing, did not put you at risk for STIs.  My advice is unchanged.  If you cannot move forward on your own, I suggest you discuss your concerns with a trusted counselor.  EWH
83 months ago
As this is my final comment here, I would like to thank you.

My symptoms are very similar (timing and symptoms)to the ARS of HIV and this is what worries me the most since this only appeared after the unprotected handjob.

Would not this be a concern for you?
I am planning on taking the test soon which makes me very nervious.

I wish u the best.

Edward W. Hook M.D.
83 months ago

I have to disagree with you.  As I have said, your symptoms are not suggestive of the ARS. They are not severe, did not occur at the same time, and have persisted too long.  Further, scientific studies have shown that when person present with classical ARS symptoms (which yours were not), only about 1% of at risk (you were not) persons turn out to have HIV.  You should test -once and when the test is negative as I am confident it will be, move forward without concern.  I hope you will address your anxiety, guilt and depression over the encounter you have described. 

This is my third reply to your questions and thus this thread will be closed later today.  I wish you the best.  EWH