[Question #152] Guilt Or Real

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104 months ago
Dear Doctors , Two exposures One day back NEEDS YOUR OPINION  . 
Episode 1 :


Activities :  Prostitute massaged My Nipples with her fingers , Hands for around one hour .

My worry :  Possibility Of Herpes On my Nipples If she has Herpes On her Fingers / hands .
                     Or shall I forget about this Episode .

Activities : She has Gone to washroom Once . I am sure she touched her vagina There .

My worry : After she come from washroom . she again touched my Nipples with her hands .
                   is this zero Risk and i shall stop worrying about Herpes and other STDS .

Activities : we did dry humping with both of Our Clothes On . But her legs were naked as she was wearing short skirts . i was wearing cotton pants and underwear .

I kissed her On cheek , neck , arms . any possibility To get herpes or any other Std Like this Or Completely Zero risk .

Dubai - Asian prostitute ( Two)

Activities :   Prostitute bathed me in shower . she continuously massaged my nipples with her hands . SHE MASSAGED  MY LEGS ATHIGHS NEAR GENITAL AREA  ALSO WHILE BATHING ME 
                       Any possibility oF herpes or any other Std  On my Nipples , THIGHS , LEGS . NEAR GENITAL AREA 

Activity : i played with her Nipples many times  with my hands .

My question :  Immediately after i touched her Nipples / BREAST , i used same hand to touch my penis and masturbated on my own .

 can i get herpes on my penis like this , if she has herpes on her Nipples . i cannot see any lesions on her Nipples .But still she can transfer virus . very worried on this .

Activity . 

she once touched her vagina with tissue paper . After that i told her to clean her hand with water . she did that and then touched My Nipples again . any possibility OF getting herpes or any std like this . 

i kissed her on neck , arms and cheek . any possibility to get anything like this .

To Conclude , 

I did not involve in any oral , ANal or vaginal and tried to avoid any fluid Contact . Do you think i am safe .

as i like Going to massages . Do you think Such behavior will Not put me to any Risk in Future also .

Shall i take all this out of my Mind and enjoy my FUTURE MASSAGES ALSO . 


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Edward W. Hook M.D.
104 months ago

Welcome to our Forum.  I will try to help. The way your phrase your question suggests that you may already appreciate the fact that these were very low risk exposures and indeed, the actions you describe are not just low risk, they are NO RISK events.  It is interesting and perhaps a bit surprising for many to learn that STIs are not transmitted by the transfer of genital secretions and infectious agents from one person to another when genital secretions get onto one person's hands which then touch another person but that is the case.  The viruses and bacteria that cause STDs are very fragile and die virtually immediately upon exposure to the air and environment.  As a result, these infections are passed from person to person only by DIRECT contact with an infected site and not by transfer on one person's hands to another. 

the events you describe are no risk and are not exposures that are worthy of even testing for STIs.  If these are your only exposures, I would not worry and would not recommend testing.  Enjoy your massages.  EWH