[Question #1520] Herpes Question for Dr. Handsfield

81 months ago
Hi Dr. Handsfield,

I was culture tested 6 months ago for possible herpes on my hand due to lesions/blistering the doctor wanted to test. The culture test came back negative but the doctor said this did not necessarily rule out herpes. However, she did not recommend further blood testing. My question is should I be blood tested if I have never shown genital or oral symptoms and should I disclose to partners that I have been suspected of possible herpes on my hand despite the negative culture test?
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
81 months ago
I answer the herpes questions here.  Can you tell me a bit more about the blistering on your hand?  How does it look?  Have you had it recurrently or just once?  How long does it last?  Have you had any blood testing done?  Have you ever had a cold sore?  Do you know if the swab test that was done was actually a culture or a PCR swab?  Was the blister opened to get the culture?  Your answers to these questions will help me help you best.
Terri Warren