[Question #1537] Non Sexual exposure 1

81 months ago
Sir , 
1) During my work i get frequent cuts from sharp objects and I thinking  if someone else was  cut before , blood would be present in sharp objects . When I get cut from this sharp objects , these blood already present in sharp objects could go to my body through my cut.  I am worried that everyday i am exposed to hiv because i get frequent cuts everyday .So what is the hiv risk??

2) in our construction  site we have big bucket kept . Some of water from bucket was splashed into my face. If there was  blood in water bucket  , it would have entered my body through eyes . What is the hiv RISK??
Edward W. Hook M.D.
81 months ago

Welcome to our Forum.  I'll try to help.  HIV is actually surprisingly difficult to spread and even most sexual or needle-stick exposures to contaminated patients do not lead to infection.  Other than true, virtually immediately occurring needle sticks in which a hollow point needle is taken from an infected person and then inserted deep into the tissue of an uninfected person, all HIV transmission is sexual and even then only a small percentage of exposures led to infection.  .  Thus work site contact with objects which may be contaminated with the blood of others or from contact with water which has been contaminated with the blood or infectious material from an infected person are no risk events.  There is zero risk for HIV infection from the sorts of exposure that you describe.  You have nothing to worry about from these sorts of exposures. 

I hope this information is reassuring and helpful.  If you are temped to read about this topic on the internet, I urge you not to believe what you find there.  Internet postings are typically taken out of context, exaggerated, or even incorrect.  EWH