[Question #1542] Question About Herpes

81 months ago
Good Morning,
My question pertains to herpes.  I am a male.  In early November I had protected  hetero sexual intercourse with a woman.   About three  weeks later I saw a bump on my right inner thigh close to scrotum. Not clusters just one bump.  I popped it then it healed in a day or so. No weeping lesions etc just one bump.  Then a few weeks later i saw a bump close the location of  the first but i popped it and it healed similar to the first with a small blemish.  Again no weeping ulcers etc. This morning I see a very small bump in a location close to the first two bumps. Again no ulcers etc. I popped it.  For all three bumps there was no pain etc unless i prodded them of course.    I have  not had a fever or anything else and am otherwise healthy.   
Could this be herpes? Based on some of the things i have read it seems atypical for symptoms but just wanted guidance.  Thanks for any insight you can provide. 

Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
81 months ago
Good morning,
I think most men have some bumps on their thighs, particularly in the area close to the scrotum as it is warm and moist and an excellent area to grow things, like bacteria and fungi.  From your description, this does not sound like herpes to me but obviously I cannot tell you that for certain, I can only give an opinion based on your description.  If you still have concerns about these bumps or continue to get them, you may wish to have a clinician evaluate them for you.  Also, if there is a hair coming out of the bump, it may well be folliculitis, an inflammation of the hair follicle.  What do you think?