[Question #1544] Anal Touching

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89 months ago
Hi Doctor,
I went to a massage parlor in India and the lady there gave me an oil massage. While I was getting the massage, she put oil on my butt and gave me a massage in a circular flowing motion and while she was doing it her fingers went through my butt crack and may have touched my anal opening.  But she never stopped and it was all in a circular motion, so I doubt her fingers ever penetrated my anal opening.

At the end she offered me a hand job which I had with a condom on, so I am not worried about it at all. 

Whats freaking me out is her fingers touching my butt opening MULTIPLE times during the massage - what if her fingers had something on them from the previous client? She was willing to give the handjob unprotected, so she may have done the same with the previous client and her finger NAILS might have some SEMEN/BLOOD  in them. But I am not sure how long ago she had that client. It could be few minutes to hours.

The only good thing is that before the butt massage she had massaged  my back with oil, so whatever she might have on her fingers or NAILS might have got diluted.  

Do I need to worry about HIV? Do I need to test?

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Edward W. Hook M.D.
89 months ago

This is your 6th post about no risk events.  On your last question Dr. Handsfield said "In the second of your several questions, my closing reply included "please note that the forum does not accept repetative anxiety driven questions, both to save users from themselves in terms of repeated spending for advice that will not change, and because such questions have no educational value for other users. Such repeat questions are deleted without reply and without refund of the posting fee." Dr. Hook apparently didn't get the word, and so answered your next ones and I have answered this one. But it's the last one; the policy will definitely be invoked hereafter. Do your best to move on without worry -- and if not in counseling or other treatment for that OCD, I strongly recommend you do that (a reccomendation from compassion, not criticism)."

What you describe was a no risk event, there is no reason for testing.  There will be no further responses.  EWH