[Question #1562] STD from massage

80 months ago
Thank you for your valuable service.  Nearly 72 hours ago I had a full body "nuru" style massage in Thailand. It's naked full body contact.  The woman showered us both and gargled with Listerine. During massage she licked my anus a few times for about ten seconds each time. And I gave her cunnilingus a few times for a few seconds each time. She put her mouth on the top of my penis to start a blowjob but I stopped her immediately. She didn't try it again. She did rub on top of me and gave me an orgasm that way. There was no penetration and it was simply her rubbing her chest on me and using her hands. She washed me up at the end. 24 hours later I started feeling an irritation in the tip of my penis. It's continued, nearly 70 hours later. I've thoroughly checked my penis. I see a very tiny bump at the top but for all I know that could have been there. It doesn't hurt when I urinate. But I often feel as I have to go. I should also say that prior to my trip I had a full urology checkup as I was having some testicular pain and slight irritation of the urethra. All tests and ultrasound were negative. Dr gave me a round of antibiotics which I finished. The pain stopped. 

I asked the massage place and they have certificates for all therapists and mine had been tested two months prior and was clean, but that was two months ago. The nuru gel is seaweed based and owner said they've never had issues with it.  I didn't see any sores or anything out of the ordinary but didn't have my glasses on and wasn't really looking. 

Should I be worried. Or is this more in my head (as I've read on your forum)? I feel very guilty for going. Everything I've read suggests it's too early for any std signs. And there was very low risk for my actions. I should mention I also got a hand job at a different massage place a week ago. No penetration and the masseuse was only topless. Should I be worried about any STDs? What could be causing the pain. 
80 months ago
For clarification, I should say the "pain" in the urethra is more of an itching/irritation and not severe pain. More annoying. But constant. Of course  obsessing over this too and constantly checking my penis. 

And the masseuse was quite aggressive with the hand job, so my penis got quite a workout, pre and post ejaculation. 

In case my post wasn't clear, I'd love to know:

1) How worrried should I be about this irritation?

2) Could any STD signs have manifested themselves so quickly (24 hours after the incident)? I think I see a tiny bump but it's skin colored and could have been there already. I haven't doesn't this much time looking at my penis ever!

3) How risky would you say my actions were?

4) If you think it's more psychological, how can the mind cause this much discomfort??

Thank you in advance for your advice!
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
80 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question.

My first reaction is to congratulate you on your decision to limit these events to safe ones. You had an entirely safe sexual exposure, and no infection (STD or otherwise) can cause symptoms in just 24 hours. As you seem to suggest yourself, the aggressive physical stimulation probably was slightly traumatic and the cause of your symptoms.

1) I wouldn't be worried at all. I expect any continuing discomfort to clear up on its own in the next few days.

2) See above:  24 hours is too soon. I'm pretty sure the "tiny bump" you're seeing is nothing abnormal at all. Your anxiety is just making you notice. In any case, for sure no skin bump due to any STD can appear sooner than a few weeks after exposure.

3) No risk at all.

4) Good question. Almost certainly yes. It's debated whether the mind can create such symptoms purely out of anxiety. However, there is absolutely no doubt that anxiety, stress, etc can greatly magnify minor symptoms or normal body sensations that otherwise would be ignored or not even noticed. On top of this, you also have the apparent vigor of the exposure, with a probable traumatic component. For sure that plus anxiety could cause all the symptoms you describe.

Of course if these symptoms continue or you otherwise remain concerned, see a doctor. If you do so, I'm confident that no STD will be found, and probably nothing abnormal will be found on examination or testing.

I hope this information has been helpful. Best wishes and stay safe--  HHH, MD

80 months ago
Thank you Dr. Truly appreciate your time and effort. I hopefully that this will all go away. It's definitely improved over the past day. And mostly I only feel it when I start to think about it. The mind is very powerful. 

Could their nuru lubricant cause an irritation? Or more just the vigors of the action?

I think my big concern kept surfacing because I couldn't imagine how this place keeps their women safe. The owner said he took that issue very seriously. But if they only check every few months, is that really enough? Or, from an expert's POV can you develop a system which really protects their workers from infection. Of course I can't expect you to know what they do, but more curious if there is even a way to operate safely. 

Beyond that, I thank you for your help and we can close this issue...unless you'd like to give any 2017 World Series predictions. Thank you (and your team) again. You provide a very valuable resource. 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
80 months ago
I'm unfamiliar with "nuru lubricant". But certainly some things are quite irritating inside the urethra, including common soap. (Many men experience this if they masturbate in the shower using soap that gets in the urethra).

Of course it is difficult to assure 100% sexual safety or freedom from STDs in any commercial sex setting. The workers in the establishment you chose may have a lower risk than some, but there is no such thing as zero risk for STDs in settings like this. But this fact doesn't change my confidence that no STD is causing your symptoms.

Best wishes and stay safe.