[Question #1572] Risk Concern

81 months ago
Hi Drs, I was concerned about a recent event at a massage parlor. I had seen the woman twice before we just each masturbated ourselves no touching the other. I asked if I could test her using Oraquick she agreed,  When I swabbed her there was a red staining on the section between the swab portion (area that touches her gum) and below the handle where I touched and the results show. There was no coloration on the swab. She said it was lipstick stains and it was a similar color but may have been blood, though I did not notice her bleeding.  I placed the swab in the solution and set the timer. I shortly thereafter masturbated, I did not wash my hands after touching the swab handle, I  did not feel wetness or see blood on the swab handle where my fingers where. Her test was negative, I am uncertain if it was false negative. while there was no direct contact I am concerned I may have introduced fluids from the swab to my hand to my urethra without noticing and may have put myself at risk. I did get an RNA test after 10 days through LabCorp which was negative  and a 4th generation rapid test DUO at 18 days which I was told was negative by the tester. Thank you
Edward W. Hook M.D.
81 months ago

Welcome to our Forum.  I will be glad to comment.  The bottom line is that you are in the clear with much evidence to support this statement.  First and foremost first and foremost, mutual masturbation is safe sex and there are NO cases of HIV which have ever been documents to have been acquired by masturbation (mutual or otherwise) or touching an infected person when there was not penetrative, unprotected sex or injection of infected material deep into tissue.  Not a single one!

Second, your testing of your partner should be believed.  The Oraquick test is highly reliable. And there is no risk of infecting yourself because you went on to masturbate without washing your hands after setting up the Oraquick test with her swab. 

Third, had you been infected, while not 100% for sure, there is a high (>90%) likelihood that your RNA PCR test or your 4th generation test would have been positive at the times you describe testing. 

At this point I absolutely no reason for further concern and no need for additional testing. The combination of acts and test results you describe assure that you were not infected during the contacts with this person that you describe.  I hope my comments are helpful to you.  EWH