[Question #1585] Child Touched Abreva Pump and Touched Genitals not Long After

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88 months ago


I didn't read the directions about not putting a second post and my question possibly being deleted, so here it goes again.  I am HSV-1 and 2 positive.   I can't remember the last time I used my abreva pump, but I know I haven't had an active herpes blister on my mouth for a month maybe two.  Sometimes I use it before I go to the gym just in case to prevent.  Anyways, my daughter touched the pump without the lid.  I noticed that there was possibly some lipstick on it from around a week ago when I used it, but again no active lesion, but if there was lipstick, I touched my lip twice and the applicator after I touched and rubbed my lip.  So, about five minutes after my daughter touched the lid, it was time for a bath.  It is our ritual before a bath, for my daughter to lay down and pull back her labia so I can tell if she is wiping appropriately or if I need to medicate her.  I don't like to touch her because of my status.  Is there any risk of transmission of HSV-1 from the abreva pump? I read that the active ingredient is n-docosanol.  The lid had been off too so it was exposed to air, but there was a glob of stuff on the outside of the pump.  Please help me.  I am so worried.  I am compulsive about all my actions and I cannot believe I let this happen.