[Question #1593] Hiv risk

80 months ago
Dear dr, i am a bisexual male and i recently did an hiv test about 2 months back and tested negative. I have never done anal sex or oral sex. But in d past i havr kissed a male of unkown status....he late said his guns bleed frequently and i ybink i tasted little blood wen kissing not too sure...i also had a male rub his penis on my anus with our underwears on and in anoyher case i rubbed my penis on the anus of another male till i ejaculated in my pants...however we both had our underwear on....am i at risk for hiv ? Do i need to re test for hiv...i feel dizzy very often and my gums bleed...i also had a few red spots (about 5 ) on the side of my stomach...i have given and got handjobs from men a few times....do i need to get an hiv test aftr these exposures? I did a conplete blood count recently all normal but lyomh count was low at 21% and the hiv test was non reactive ....is low lymph count a sigh of some std ? Am i at any risk ? Do i test again after these exposures ? Plz help
Edward W. Hook M.D.
80 months ago

This is your 4th, repetitive question in the past 6 months regarding sexual practices which do not put you at risk for HIV or other STIs.  Our policy is to not encourage anxiety-related, repetitive posts and so, consistent with this policy, following this response there will be no further replies, this thread will be closed, and future repetitive, anxiety driven posts regarding no risk activities will be deleted without response and without refund of your payment. 

HIV is sexually transmitted ONLY through penetrative sexual activity.  The infection (as well as other STIs) is NOT transmitted through material, even when it becomes wet with genital secretions.  Similarly HIV is not transmitted by kissing, even when secretions are exchanged in the process, even one or both of the persons kissing has open sores, bleeding in the mouth, or gum disease.

A low lymphocyte count is non-specific and does not indicate the presence of HIV.

There is NO need for additional testing for HIV or other STIs.

This thread is now over and as noted above, future questions of this sort will be deleted without comment.  EWH