[Question #1607] Hot flashes

82 months ago
Hi Doc

I wanted to know that having cold/hot flashes and then feeling hot inside is a sign of any hiv/std symptoms 3.5months post exposure receiving oral sex (briefly).  I got tested with full blood test for wbc, pc7, pct, urinanalysis, and all came back negative. Even my tsh levels are normal as i am taking euthryox medication to stabilise yet 5 days ago i got hot flashes and feel hot inside me and its intermittent depending if i stay in hot i feel hotter and if i stay in cold i get colder and wanted to see if this is hiv/std related - Wanted your opinion on this matter.

Was also looking at the std results that came negative at that time doc didnt test for ngu - so could this have anything to do with it?

Edward W. Hook M.D.
82 months ago

Welcome to our Forum. I'll be pleased to comment.

With regard to your first question, there is no association of hot and/or cold fashions or feeling hot or cold with the likelihood of HIV or any other STI.  These are non-specific symptoms which may simply reflect your own physiology or could be a sign of something else.  I would suggest you first find out if these sensations correlate with your body temperature by getting a thermometer and checking your temperature from time to time including when you are having these sensations.  If you are having a fever, you should discuss it with your doctor in a general way but I would not worry about them as a sign of HIV or other STI. 

Second, you mention that your exposure of concern was limited to oral sex and was over three months ago.  Few STIs are transmitted by receipt of oral sex.  No one has ever been proven to acquire HIV from receipt of oral sex.  Further, with negative tests, I would not worry further about an STI or any sort at this time.  In the absence of other symptoms, I would not worry about an STI of any sort if I were you.  Specifically, I see no reason for you to worry about NGU at this time. 

I hope these comments are helpful.  EWH

82 months ago
Thanks for reply.

No fever present. And temperature is ok,

Only confirmed diagnosis is i have high tsh levels and i am on euthyrox medication to stabilise my thyroid and fortunately it is stable as we speak which to my knowledge could be causing the hot/cold flashes however the doctor here says if the medication is mimicing the thyroid and working then he sees the hot flashes to something else - hence why i thought the brief oral sex  encounter 3.5months ago was related - not sure what your opinion on this matter as i am being thrown like a ping pong here.

I wanted also your opinion on a matters below

1) is 30days negative hiv test duo test conclusive yet why some say 3months and has there anyone been tested positive at 3months after a negative at 30 days - good way to see if the 30days theory/fact is correct?

2) i had molluscum near the genital area ( there were there for 12months ) which recently got burned off and was wondering if there is a chance of them coming back and if there is anything i can do to stop them reappearing as i need to be sexually active.

3) i got 1 small wart  on finger and they just wont go away after 2years and freezing methods not successful so any recommendation?


Edward W. Hook M.D.
82 months ago
I cannot comment on your thyroid issues.  I can assure you however that none of you symptoms or history suggest a reason for concern about any STI.

With regard to you questions:
1.  A negative DUO test at 30 days is conclusive.  This is what the scientific studies show.  Recommendations for ,longer periods are overly conservative.
2.  Molluscum may occur from time to time if not adequately treated.  If your treated lesions do not recur in 6 weeks, I would consider you cured.
3.  I would discuss this with a different dermatologist.

82 months ago
Hi doctor

3 days ago and now today i noticed after urination this morning discharge  of cloudy look.- do you think i should be tested for anything or this was due to irregular bowel movement ( i did contipate though)- bit worried :(

Is it possible 3.5months post exposure for this to happen?

Shall i monitor it and how do i know if its non-sti related ?

Edward W. Hook M.D.
82 months ago

It would be most unusual for an STI acquired following receipt of oral sex (or any other way) to not present until 3.5 months after exposure.  further, the discharge of STIs is typically seen before, not after urination,  On the other hand, sometimes a bowel movement can be associated with the expression of prostatic fluid through the pressure that accompanies a bowel movement.  I see no need to actively monitor this situation and would not worry.

This is m third response to your questions and therefore, as per Forum Guidelines, will complete this interchange.  This thread will be closed later today.  I hope my comments have been helpful.  Take care.  EWH

82 months ago
Hi doc
Just forgot genuinely a question that was on my mind but must of just escaped my mind. Here goes
I got tested with full blood test for wbc, pc7, pct, urinanalysis, and all came back negative however if i did have ngu would it jave shown on these tests or i needed to test seperately? 

Finally, shall i do retesting and include ngu since im still getting symptoms im getting is feeling hot and cold and when urinate some burning and smell (been now 4.5months post exposure) but on above tests all negative as per doc so i dont know what i should do?

Note: i was tested gonorhea, chlamdyia, syphillis, hiv all negative at 35 day mark.-shall i retest and include ngu?