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80 months ago

I saw a high priced escort in early August. I let her lick my tentacles extensively which had been recently trimmed. I did not h also inserted my penis in her mouth for about a minute until I ejaculated (outside her mouth). I also saw another high priced escort and just had oral and insertive fellatio with condom (did not break). I got tested for chlamydia and gonorheea shortly after and tested negative for both. 

I felt guilty about it but moved on. I am married with 2 young children in day care who bring home colds pretty often. 
I was healthy up until 2 months after the event and then had a couple of colds.  However, in early (3 months after) November I had a peculiar rash/eczema show up on my chest under my right nipple. It itched slightly - kind of looked like a hive. It was 2 quite small patches. It was in a location that was prone to friction although I don't recall having any previous instances of this type. It hung about a week or two. During this time, I was interviewing for a new job and was a bit anxious. Anyhow, I treated it with an oatmeal colloid and it disappeared and has not returned. Around this time, I also got another cold - no fever - with a sore throat. The sore throat lasted longer than the cold as a result of congestion and post nasal drip. The sore throat lasted quite a while and was mild but by this time I was very anxious. I saw an ENT specialist recently and they found no infection, just irritation from likely GERD - probably a result of my nerves. 

I have been in touch with the escort who performed oral on me and ensures me she is STD free and I have nothing to worry about. 

I have read much of the material on this site and recognize my odds of HIV infection are astronomically low.

However, in light of the symptoms I describe do you recommend an HIV test or should I move on with my life? I have had limited sex with my wife but I would like to continue having sex with her without the guilt and anxiety.

Thank you for attention and response,

Edward W. Hook M.D.
80 months ago
Welcome to the Forum and thanks for your question.  It addresses an important topic.  I agree completely that your risk for HIV from the encounters you describe are stratospherically low (I.e. Even lower than astronomically low) .  Thus your question has less to do with whether there is a realistic chance that you acquired HIV from the exposures you describe and more to do with how to best provide you with assurance that you were not infected.  If my assurance, based on the data you provide above, is sufficient, then you can move on.  For many of our clients however, the assurance provided by a negative test is needed and if you fall into that category, I would urge you to have a single test, committing to believe the result you get (current HIV tests are amongst the most reliable tests in all of medicine).  At this test, results of an HIV blood test will be entirely reliable for the times of exposure you mention.  Personally, I do not see the need for testing and would suggest that you move forward without concern.

I hope this comment is helpful.  EWH
80 months ago
Thank you for all you do, Dr. Hook. I definitely plan to get tested ASAP. 

I actually intended to do a quick blood thumb prick test this morning but the location wasn't ready. 

I engaged in a conversation with an HIV case worker that has made me extremely anxious. My "symptoms" showed up at approx. 12 weeks after my sexual encounters. Those encounters were what I would describe as "stratospherically" low risk to steal your terminology. From what I understand of the common symptoms my hive like rash was not indicative of the HIV seroconversion. Plus the "symptoms" showed up way too late to qualify for ARS if I understand the science.

But the case worker was emphatic that ARS can manifest at later times - even as late as 12 weeks. Also, the rash does not necessarily have to be "measles" like and can be localized. 

I am definitely going to get tested today. I am really hoping I am not 1 of the first to report HIV infection from an oral or protected vaginal sexual experience. 

I will report back with results but boy am I terrified. If you see this and have information to help calm my nerves ...now is the time.

Thank you! 
80 months ago
My HIV rapid test returned a negative result. I am not HIV positive. 

I want to thank Dr. Hook and Handsfield for being beacons of truth in the apparent world of disinformation on the web on this subject. As soon as I focused on this site - I was eased by their knowledge and concise delivery thereof.  

To the many anxiety laden individuals that will inevitably find themselves in this avoidable predicament - I urge you to get tested to have confirmation - 1 way or the other. Do not persist in your google hell. I know I did.

To all the rest - please take the proper precautions. To all the happily married men, especially with children - do not take the risk. It is simply not worth it. 

Again, thank you to this great resource!! 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
80 months ago
Glad to hear of the outcome of your tests.  Thanks for your thanks to others and your message urging them to practice safe sex.  EWH