[Question #1641] Pep required ?? Urgent help

80 months ago
Dear dr ....i am a 27 yr old bisexual male never had anal or vaginal sex ....i recently fingered a male for the first time i donno his status ...i finheed him for a few minutes with one finger......i had slight peeled skin on that finger.......do i need pep ?? Is fingering risky ....im sorry to ask u again buy i xhecked on medhelp and got moxed responses saying low risk or nehligible risk.....request your help and advice. Thanks
Edward W. Hook M.D.
80 months ago

You are not thinking clearly about HIV (or STI) risk and I am sure that there is nothing on any of our MedHelp responses which suggests that "fingering" of any sort represents a risk for HIV. .  As I said in reply to your last post - "HIV is sexually transmitted ONLY through penetrative sexual activity.  The infection (as well as other STIs) is NOT transmitted through material, even when it becomes wet with genital secretions."  Fingering is a form or masturbation and while it is a penetrative sexual activity, like other forms of mutual masturbation, even though ano-genital secretions may get onto each of the participants, it is a no risk event.  No one has EVER gotten HIV from participating in masturbation.  Therefore you do not need PEP for the event you describe. 

There is NO RISK for HIV or other STIs from fingering (masturbation),  PEP is not needed.  Testing for HIV and other STIs is not needed. 

This will be the only response to your question.  EWH

80 months ago
Thanks dr...however before this exposure in another case a male and me had our underwear on however he was on top of me from behind and u felt his penis slightly inside my anus but we both had underwear on and never removed it ....any risk from underwear ? Im not sure if there was penetration. Plz advice . Thanks