[Question #1643] Specific oral to genital question

76 months ago
I am a male who was recently very lightly kissed on the penis by someone who is not currently symptomatic but who has hsv 1 and had signs of oral hsv in the past. By lightly kissed  I mean a single peck type kiss on the glans penis (not the meatus- the side of the glans). I definitely do not have antibodies for hsv 1 because i was tested recently and discovered that. What is my likelihood of getting an infection from that and is there anything I should do now (2 days later) to lessen the risk?
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
76 months ago
The likelihood of getting infected from that contact is just zero.  It takes far more contact than that to acquire herpes. 
And as for your HSV 1 status - the IgG test misses about 30% of HSV 1 infection, compared to the gold standard western blot, so you may not be infected with HSV 1, but unfortunately, due to a sub-standard test, we simply cannot be certain.