[Question #1661] HPV worries

82 months ago
Hello - I'm trying to understand HPV better and hope you can offer some insight... Here's the back story....

I'm with the same partner for 20 yrs.  Over that time I've engaged in protected sex with sex workers.  Anal and vaginal.   This past year I've gone off the rails and have had vaginal intercouse with 5 different workers, 1 of which  was probably 10 times.   Prior to this year I'd probably had intercourse with workers  10 times in the last 19 years. 

Early on in my relationship with my partner, she was diagnosed with HPV and had a Leep procedure.   That was 2001.  

All Pap smears have been fine ever since.  

Is it likely I can pass on a new HPV infection to her that would create a risk to her?  

Please let me know your thoughts. 

Thank you!
Edward W. Hook M.D.
82 months ago
 Welcome to our Forum.   I will try to help. As I read your questions I find myself wondering what is the origin of your current concerns. You have previously had sex with commercial sex workers, your partner has had a known HPV infection in the past, and apparently not much has changed recently.   

HPV is a common infection which is present in most sexy active persons. It is quite likely that you had HPV infection previously and and your partner has clearly had an HPV infection in the past.   From what you have reported I see no reason for current concerns or a change in your behavioR.   EWH
82 months ago
Hi Doctor -  Thanks for your response.  

Let me be straight forward:  Could my partner get a test results for an HPV infection for an HPV strain she has not before and therefore question how she was infected with a new strain?
Edward W. Hook M.D.
82 months ago
 If your partner was diagnosed with an abnormal Pap smear or a strain of HPV that she had not been known to have before, it would be very difficult to determine whether she had been infected previously or this was a new infection,    For sexually active persons who have had other sex partners in the past, discovery of the presence of HPV or HPV related problems is not a clear cut sign of infidelity.   EWH---