[Question #1663] HIV Concerns and Risk Evaluation

80 months ago

Dear Sir or madam,

I am a 24 year-old male. I went to a massage parlor in China 18 days ago, and masseur was a 30 years old lady. She did a full body massage for me around one hour without any lubrication, during which, she licked my back with her tongue to tease me. After this, she went outside for 5 minutes and I did not know what happened during this. Then, she came back and did a hand-job for me and I eventually ejaculated on my belly and she cleaned it for me using tissues. Besides this, we did not have any kissing, oral or sex.

(I did NOT know if she had cuts on her hands or even her hands or mouth was bleeding while licking massaging and hand-job for me. Also, I did NOT know if I had cuts on my back or on my penis. What I DID know is that I had few pimples on my back during that period of time)

As well as this, I have noticed a white pimple (maybe epifolliculitis) on my shaft the day after. I am not sure whether it was already there during the massage. However, the white pimple disappeared two days after that.  On top of these, I have bought a rapid HIV home test Kit on 14 days after the massage and it gave me a negative results.

I have mild joint pains around my knees and ankles 15 days after the event, and sometimes I also have mild muscular pain somewhere. I started using heat patches on my joints and I can feel the pain is relieved to some extent. My questions are that:

  1. Based on my experience, do I have any chances to be infected by HIV or any possible STDs? Also, Do I have to have another test? (Will you have another test if you are me or you had the same experience as me?)
  2. Can I have unprotected sex with my girlfriend?

Thank you very much for your generous assistance in advance. I am so appreciated for your help and I am looking forward to your response at your earliest convenience.

Edward W. Hook M.D.
80 months ago
 Welcome to our forum. I will be glad to comment on your questions. The exposure you describe did not place you at risk for acquisition of HIV or for other STI's.    The sort of contact you describe  ( having your back licked, a massage,or receipt of masturbation)  are not activities which place you at risk  for HIV or other STI's.    Whether or not your partner had cuts, sores on her hands or mouth makes no difference. Similarly the fact that you have  pimples on your back does not put you at risk. 

 The pimple that you discovered on the shaft of your penis the day following the events you described occurred too early to be related to the exposures you describe.    Further that you described it as being a white pustule makes it more likely to be folliculitis then some other kind of STI related problem.   Similarly, your knee and ankle pains do not suggest any STI, including HIV.

 In response to your specific questions:

1.   The events you described were no risk for STI's including HIV. I see no reason for further testing. 

2.   I see no reason related to the events you have described for you to hesitate to have unprotected sex with your girlfriend. 

I hope these comments are helpful ..take care.  EWH
80 months ago
Thank you very mush Dr. Edward .
Your prompt reply gives me a huge relieve.
I am so very appreciated for your professional and specialized reply.

I just want to confirm with you again for a peace of mind :

Do you think I am 100% safe from HIV and any STDs? ( sorry for my verbose)

Besides this, I have another one quick question.

13 days after the event, I had  urinary tract infection ( to be honest, I am not 100% sure if is was Urinary tract infection). 
since I had been infected before,  and based on my symptoms compared with before, I did not see any doctors.  I took some Levofloxacin . And five days after this, I felt that I am almost recoved ( 95%)

My question is that do you think that the Urinary tract infection I had has any relationships with the massage?

Thank you very much again in advance.

Edward W. Hook M.D.
80 months ago
Correct, there was no risk for STI from the events you describe.  Without any penetration of your penis into the masseuse's vaginal, rectum or mouth, there is no risk for any STI and your possible UTI is not related to these events.  EWH